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The iPhone dons a suit and tie

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 3, 2009.

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    I'll never buy an iPhone without a physical keyboard!!!!! ;)
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    It's sure taken long enough for the suits to catch on. I know that physicians have largely dropped the Blackberry in favor of the iPhone.
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    I Guess You Won't Get an iPhone

    Then I guess you never have an iPhone. Apple will never implement a physical keyboard. There are too many advantages of having a virtual one.

    Sorry pal, maybe the Driod will suit your needs.

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    And I'll never buy a smartphone WITH one.

    Droid is tempting, aside from the MOVING PARTS.

    I hate flip phones, I hate any device with a large hinge built into the design. This is the kind of crap that wears out before your 2 year contract is up forcing you to extend before you planned or face spending a lot on a replacement without a contract extensions. My iphone 3G from june 08 is showing no signs of major wear.

    Moving parts, including keys, are a no-go for me.
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    Once one learns to type on the iPhone keyboard, one can type significantly faster than on a physical keyboard. I type nearly twice as fast as on my wife's blackberry (which BTW, is trash compared to my 3gs)
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    I know that physicians have largely dropped the Blackberry in favor of the iPhone.
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    You don't say.
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    Just wanted to let you know that at least one person on here understands sarcasm.
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    Make that two, I laughed reading those responses.
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    i can't imagine buying a phone with a physical keyboard.
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    However, most large organizations still want something besides the iPhone for two reasons:

    1) The continued mistrust of a touchscreen keyboard when it comes to writing emails. After all, Blackberry's Storm cellphone has not been a success in the enterprise market, mostly because of complaints about the quality of the touchscreen keyboard.

    2) The inability of IT organizations to completely "lock down" the iPhone to prevent the loading of unauthorized applications and data on the cell phone. You can do that with a Blackberry, and I believe the Android 2.0-based cellphones have a similar capability.

    This is why people are looking with considerable interest at the Motorola DROID cellphone--powerful cellphone OS, and real physical keyboard for easier typing of longer email messages.
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    I've got a Treo Pro for work, and my iPhone KB is way quicker and easier to type with.

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