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The iPhone. It's a phone. It's a web browser. It's a pers...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 30, 2008.

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    What exactly is an "AMATEUR EXPERT?" Oxy Moron Much? :D
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    i cant think of a better way to use my iPhone...
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    Oxymorons aside, I'd much rather be referred to as an "Amateur Expert" than to be referred to as an "Expert Amateur."
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    And I'd rather hang out with an "Amateur Expert" than a "Professional Ignoramus" any day. That's why I try to avoid the arts, humanities, economics and social-science departments as much as possible...
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    Amateur = not professional (i.e., doesn't get paid)
    Expert = highly skilled (i.e., doesn't suck)
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    came here to say this. An amateur expert is the opposite of a professional novice.
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    Most of the people on MR are "amateur experts" in the field of Apple and the Mac.

    Unless your income-earning profession is directly related to the Mac (eg: supporting, developing), you're an amateur expert, amateur novice or somewhere in between.

    "Amateur" can be used to refer to lack of skill, but when used with "expert" it implies its other meaning which relates to being a profession rather than a hobby, eg: a golfer turning pro doesn't necessarily mean their skill level changes, just that it's now their career.

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    I'm paid to support macs professionally and I support 4 staff (part time job as technical officer of a small company) but I still regard myself as very much an amateur.

    There's many people here who know far more than me.

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