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The "iPod Touch doesn't have a hard drive, so I settled for a 160GB Classic" thread

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MattG, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Just curious, how many are in the same boat as me? I've been wanting to replace my iPod Photo 60GB for a mega-high capacity iPod, with touch-screen and Wifi. Yesterday was kind of a bittersweet day for me -- happy for the 160GB hard drives and improved interface, unhappy that Apple would release only a Flash based iPod Touch, something that I'm considering to be a crippled product due to its limited storage space. I would have gladly shelled out $500 for a Touch with even just an 80 or 100GB hard drive, and I'm willing to bet there are a lot of people on this forum who would have also.

    Anyway...I ordered a Black 160GB that's on the slow boat from China right now. How about you?
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    I have an 8GB iPhone and this is officially my first "iPod". I too was hoping for a higher capacity iPod touch to stick with the familiar interface, but also opted for the black 160GB classic. I'm still pretty excited to own an "old-fashioned" iPod though as ot will obviously be my first! Now I just kinda wish that I ordered the silver and tried to switch today but the Apple rep said that it was too late to change.
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    I have an iPhone so can't think of a good reason to get an iPod Touch, but I can think of a good reason to get a iPod classic, to replace my 40Gb 4G. The Touch is a nice device, but I need a high storage capacity iPod because I like to do a couple of things that the Touch can't: Carry my entire music collection with me (in the car especially), and use the iPod as an external HD (I'm guessing the Touch won't do this, just like the iPhone won't, but I know the Classic will).
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    I wouldnt say settled, I am happy that I ordered an iPod classic, I loved my 30GB 5th Gen, but I needed to replace it with one with a bigger HD and Brighter Screen (They fixed that in the 5.5Gen) and better batterylife (2 hours for video is horrific). I had hoped that the iPod Touch would have a HD but I knew deep down inside that it would be flash memory. So I had hoped that they would do an update to the iPods with at least 120GBs of storage, when jobs announced that they were updating the standard iPod I was so happy then he said it had 160GBs of storage and 7 hours of video battery-life I was ecstatic. The iPod classic will hold me off for the next year or two until iPod touch's catch up to the size of the classics.

    BTW you say that your iPod is on its way out of shanghai, does that mean yours has shipped? If so when did it ship and when did you order it?
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    give it an HD, and you wouldn't have enough battery power to finish a Tv show!
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    Yeah settled probably wasn't the right word to use. The Classic will be great and I'm sure it'll give me many years of enjoyment. The Touch certainly doesn't have anything I "need"...it just would have been nice.

    Yes, mine shipped. I ordered it as soon as the store came back online yesterday. I got a shipping notice this morning, and it says it was in Shanghai as of 12am.
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    That's not true at all - my iPod gets excellent battery life watching videos - in one case, up to 8 hours with brightness on the lowest setting.
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    The screen on the touch is going to be the thing that will suck the battery dry. Add Wifi into the equation with a hard drive and battery life will suck. You could turn the wifi off (of course) but when you would add them all up, it would not be desirable. Then we would have people wanting it with flash for better battery life.
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    Very true, because when I forget to turn the WiFi off on my iPhone, it sucks that baby dry. I doubt a HDD will ever be in a touch, we will just have to wait for the technology of the flash memory to improve and become cost efficient, just wish my damn Classic would ship already!
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    Yeah, I was hoping for a HD iPod touch. In the end, it isn't really any better than my iPhone, and - frankly - I'm not entirely pleased with the iPod functionality on the iPhone. It is too hard to navigate and very, very hard to scan within a very long track (i.e., podcasts).

    I'll get a 160 classic instead and be very happy. My existing 80GB is getting too full.
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    I ordered mine this morning at about 6:45AM (I wasn't able to order it yesterday because I was waiting for a hold to lift on my bank account). I hope mine ships tonight, I can't wait!
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    Definitely the same boat, 5th gen 60 gig is full and many more CDs to load, so the 160 is what I've been hoping for.

    But I MUST HAVE IT by the weekend, so when I saw "ships in 1-3 business days" on the apple site, I decided to hold off and hope they arrive in one of my local stores (NY area) sooner than I'd get it from China. Would have liked the big screen to play with, mostly for the "real browser in your hand" experience, but judging from my wife's iPhone, the only time we're around wifi is when we are at home. But one day all this will change and we'll all have one.
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    I would definitely get the 160GB over the Touch, I haven't even bought a whole lot from iTunes, but my collection is already 41GB. For now though, i'm happy with my 60GB 5th gen. I do hope that Apple ups the capacity substantially with future revisions. It would take at least an 80GB Touch to get me to buy one.

    In the meantime my 1st gen Shuffle is starting to fail on me, so I will be getting one of the new Shuffles.
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    I am definitely in the same boat as you.
    I have been without an iPod for two years and have literally been waiting for a this touch screen iPod for 1 and a half years.
    I was way pissed when they said it was 8 and 16 Gigs. I was so ready to get a super high capacity touch screen iPod.
    Yeah, so I will get a classic, although I will be pretty upset.
    I just wonder when the iPod touch will get its storage up past 60 Gigs.
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    I've definitely decided to get the classic. I think the touch has an excellent design and a great interface, but 16GB just isn't enough storage for my needs.
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    Just add me to the list.. I have a 30GB 5th gen that is in rough shape and was looking to get a new with this announcement. I have no iPhone but plan on buying one ASAP so the only that could have sold me on the Touch would be capacity... if I were to buy it and an iPhone I would still need another iPod to hold everything for trips or any situation where I couldn't always be syncing it.
    I always thought the 60/80GB iPods were too thick (I'm probably just used to my 30GB) but now that the 80GB is thinner than my 30GB and the 160GB is thinner than the old 80GB, I'll just have to go check them out and make a decision.
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    I think most people who have access to iPhones would say this, because people from other countries would get the cool factor from the iPod Touch, no matter how little space it is.. You guys have had iPhones for 2 months! So of course the touchscreen mystic is not there anymore :)
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    I think everyone who has an iPhone won't have any interest in the iPod touch because there's no advantage to it compared to what they already have. I would have been curious to see what would have happened if they put a 160gb hard drive in the iPod touch...hmm.
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    I should probably add that I hardly consider it "settling" for the iPod classic. It still is very nice and very well priced.
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    Well I'm not sure how this is possible, but I just tracked it again this morning and it said it was in Kentucky, and scheduled to be delivered to me today in Florida!
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    Wow that's fast!, I wish i could of ordered mine when you did, mine didn't ship tonight so it probably wont ship until next week. No worries, soon it will be mine! :D
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    If it was 8mm thin, then yea the battery would be drained. But the HDD makes it thicker and therefore they can stick a bigger battery in there.
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    Oh well...spoke too soon. It DID say (and still does actually) that today is the delivery date, but obviously that's not going to happen. Now it says it's in Alaska, in transit to KY. Yuck.
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    Same boat exactly, but I am settling for an 80GB Classic rather than a 160GB :D (Music library is only 32GB so 160GB isn't necessary).
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    I feel the same way. 16 gb is just too small to contain my emtire library, so I'm sticking to my 60 gb 5G Video Ipod. I have the iPhone, so I'm happy with the "touch", just wich that they had 60+ GB on the touch iPod.

    The iPhone is really a pretty crappy replacement for an iPod, but it isn't too bad as a replacement for my 1G nano.


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