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The Long Tail - why music should cost less online and not mo...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 9, 2005.

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    My digital music purchases would quadruple if online music prices dropped to 49¢. At 99¢, I have to think really hard if I want to buy the track or not. At 49¢, I couldn't care less.

    If the prices were $1.50, forget it. I'll just fire up Limewire or visit my favorite BT site, Oinks. :D
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    yep. raising the prices will raise piracy. duh.
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    all i know is that they better get jPop and anime music on iTMS US because i hate spending 30-40 dollars to import my CDs from japan
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    Tell me about it... These prices are so high, I rarely buy more than 2-3 import CDs per year.

    If the tracks were on iTMS, I'd probably buy like 6-10 albums/year.
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    They should allow US iTunes users to buy from anywhere in the world (as US has the cheapest store). Like, presetting the iTunes for US users to the US store (so they don't accidently buy a £.79 track instead of a cheaper $.99 track) but allow them to decide where to go to buy their music. For each store, you should be able to purchase at any store that is more expensive at the moment (i.e. US can buy from UK store but not vice versa, although if the USD suddenly became very strong...stronger than the GBP [ :rolleyes: yeah, right] it would reverse).
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    It's legal issues (unfortunately) that keep the iTMS stores segregated around the world.

    BTW, iTunes IS cheaper-almost always--than physical CDs for me, unless I buy used. (And FAR cheaper when I want just one song and not the rest of the album.) Here's hoping it stays that way. Since iTMS came out my CD purchasing has plummeted but my music spending overall has gone up. If Apple is bullied into raising prices, my spending goes back down.

    And I'll never return to buying as many CDs as I used to. I'm too used to the waste-free aspect of downloading.
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    Your logic is reversed. You should be able to purchase from any store that has a lower cost than your native store; you'd still pay your native price but could "import" from other countries stores.
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    Good article, great posts. I find it frustrating that there are songs at the UK store that I want but can't get. At the same time, I've found works that I wouldn't have found locally.
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    I hate to whine but the link is to page four of a five page article.
    Didn't anyone else notice this?


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