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The Mac attack: No sympathy here for teachers polishing Appl...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 1, 2004.

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    in case, for some reason, after the incredible barrage of email this guy's going to get he decides to remove his email address:

    Rich Brooks can be reached at rich.brooks@heraldtribune.com.

    Have a nice day. Send him a note, won't you? :D

    or two, or fifty, or...
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    Only in Florida!

    Wow, in Florida even this guy can pass of as a journalist. I have seen 5th graders (OK not the AL,GA,FL,AK,SC,MS ones) write better articles than this.

    And before you critize me, here is a background, I went to school in 3 of these Southern states including FL.
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    Jerry Spoon

    It isn't often that I read a simple and unresearched article on these links. This is probably only the second time and I hope it is again several months before I read another.
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    Maybe it isn't the schools.:)
    What type of disk do Macs use that PC's don't?
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    That made me laugh out LOUD.

    Which is bad, because my housemate is about 8 inches away, and alseep.
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    this guy is an idiot

    Okay, putting aside the Mac vs. PC thing for a moment, what kind of moron buys a computer for his kid before bothering to check what kind of computer the school uses? And I don't buy the interoperability problems he claims he had. How many of us use Macs at home and PCs somewhere else (or have friends with PCs) and share files with no problem?

    Even if the school used PCs and he bought a Mac, he would still be a moron for complaining about it.
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    I'm assuming he'd badmouth anyone driving a BMW or a Mercedes as well, as they've got such a small market share.
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    grr, this makes me mad, and i feel stupid for even responding to this, but here it goes.
    they use different software, yes, but different disks? no. i've never encountered a problem when transferring things either way. not only that, but why do you buy a computer for a kid, and not consider the platform difference? kids are spoiled these days, i wish i could get a new computer for the beginning of the school year :rolleyes:
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    This guy clearly did not do his research. It must have been a slow news day too; he posts five year old news. Things have changed a lot since 1999, especially with compatibility. It's a LOT better these days. The fact that he doesn't know that, and that this is so clumsily written just shows what a ... fool he is.
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    I just sent him an e-mail:

    Dear Mr. Brooks,

    I read your latest article on incompatibility between Macs and PC's and I must say that it is utter garbage. I'm sorry to be rude, but it was not researched and very clumsily written. Why would you write about five-year-old news that has no relevance today. If you had done your research, you'd be aware that compatibility is MANY times better today than it was five years ago between the two platforms. Please learn a little before you start "busting" on schools that use Macs. They are far more stable and they are excellent for a school or home system.


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    This is a preview of my email I am going to send him.

    Let say Mercedes(just so happens I hate mercedes as well as windows) has a 97% marketshare for luxury/performance cars. While BMW has 3%. Mercedes's blow up, break down, and require alot of maintenance. While BMW's do not blow up, some do break down but, nothing is perfect right? Now which one do you want to own. The high dominate marketshare mercedes or the low marketshare BMW?

    PS: The I hate mercedes as well as windows will not be there and was just there to show you people my point of view.
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    I bet this guy goes to bed at 8 oclock. What a dolt. The article sounded like it was written by a child.
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    Can't wait for him to check his in box tomorrow.... :D
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    AK? Alaska? that was random.

    ... or did you man AR, Arkansas... the state i was born in? your education's definitely showing through! :p
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    How is this baboon a journalist?

    If the vast majority of teachers [EDUCATORS!] tell you that the best platform for your child to do school work is the Mac platform, what kind of cheap uninformed fool goes the other way?

    There are more so its better. Thats it. Thats this moron's reasoning. Hopefully his kid does not grow up with the same ideals. I could see him now..."Well more and more kids are doing drugs, I guess it's good then."

    I hope this is the last article this uninformed, incapable loser writes. Fire his editor too for letting that crap out.

    He better get some good anti-virus for the barrage of hate mail he's getting for this one! :eek:
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    yet another email message to Mr. Brooks

    From the conclusion of my rather copius reply:

    Seriously Rich Brooks... I mean no disrespect, nor do I wish to sound angry (90% of communication is non-verbal after all). But ... to quote a shall we say more enlightened member of the press:

    "Since any reasonable person would choose a Mac over a PC, Apple's market share does provide us with an accurate reading of the percentage of reasonable people in our society."
    - Roger Ebert
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    Another Long Post™

    This guy is... I have no words to describe it. He doesn't even try to praise Windows, or the PC, or anything. He shamelessly bashes the Mac, admitting he hasn't even tried to use one. The first time I did some severe product bashing in these forums was AFTER playing with some HD players, only to find they were too crappy for daily use. Why should these so-called journalists act any different?? First, you do some research. Then, even if you're not right, or did insufficient research or whatever, you can do all the bashing or praising you want. Sheesh!! Such morons!

    Anyway, let the flaming begin :p

    And what about... FLOPPY DISKS??? ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    Not even my PC-using friends use those anymore... They all use CD-R/RW and flash drives. Seriously... I couldn't believe what I was reading. I can easily convince in 5 minutes the most skeptical person that Macs ARE compatible with PC's as far as file transfers are concerned. I talk to them about USB, Firewire, flash drives, etc etc etc, and the only points in which I fail to convince anyone (and honestly, I won't try to because I would be lying) are pricing and memory. The only thing I usually say is "2004 is not a good year to buy a Mac. Wait for 2005 or even 2006, by then, they'll be better value", which is the same as saying "Wait for the new Powerbooks and updated iBooks", or "Wait for a cheaper and better spec'ed iMac G5" (no, the FX 5200 Ultra won't cut it for much longer)...

    I'm going to sound kind of like the devil's advocate, but here it goes: Macs are too darn expensive for the average, and even the semi-professional user (like graphics design students like me). It's amazing how slow my iMac G5 1.8GHz was before I put some more RAM in there (1GB), and how fast it became after that. The difference seems even bigger now that I removed it (it was defective and had to be replaced, I'm still waiting for the store to have them in stock again, and I'm starting to get a little desperate here :(). But you know, 1GB sticks of RAM aren't exactly cheap... I bought a €2,050 ($2,735) computer, and had to spend an additional €280 ($374) to make it usable :eek: Do I regret it? Not a single bit, because I made the switch a few months before things started to get really bad on the Windows side (and I never used XPee anyway), so now I don't know and never knew what it feels like to have your PC turning into an even bigger POS because of viruses and ad/spyware... It cost me a lot (of cash), but I'm happy :D

    I honestly hope that IBM solves their issues with the G5, and that some of those millions of iPod users out there finally become switchers, so Apple may one day lower Mac prices... I already know so many people that would buy a Mac in a heartbeat (and ironically, only one of them has an iPod, but he already knew how Macs are great anyway) if they were not only cheaper but also came with more memory, and even some other people that would buy them if there were enough in stock. Not everyone is willing to wait patiently some 2 months for their computer to arrive, and some eventually end up buying PC's... :(
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    Actually, I see his point slightly. I've never ever been able to get spyware or viruses that I receive on my PC to work on my Mac.
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    oh darn! i've always wanted one of those, but no one makes a mac version! :D
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    Be careful what you wish for... What about that "halo effect" thing...? :p :rolleyes:
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    1) Even five years ago (late 1999, to save you the math) Macs didn't cost $900 more than the equivalent PCs. Unless he was getting a massive discount through his "job" (that bugs me ... he didn't get a discount through his job; he got it through the company he worked for ... unless his job entails giving himself discounts on computers!), there's simply no way that he would have been spending that much on a Mac. Today, of course, it's often cheaper to get a Mac than a high-end Windows computer, although the bottom has dropped out of the low-end box-o-crap Windows PC market, so the differences there are large (still not $900, though, as they regrettfully don't pay you a hundred bucks to take away Windows machines, and the eMac is still only $800)

    2) "Apple makes one system for its Macintosh computers. The other is called a PC system." Um, no. The other is called either a "Windows Machine" or an "IBM-Compatible" (not so much anymore). "PC" is a generic term, which encompasses machines running everything from Windows to Linux to Mac OS to whatever the Apple II ran.

    3) "They have similarities, but are not compatible. Macintoshes -- or Macs -- use different programs and different disks." Again, absolutely false. They are incredibly compatible these days, although less so than before. They do run different programs, although any one program has a decent chance of existing on both platforms, and most programs at least have equivalents across the divide. And disks? Granted, Macs tended to format floppies using their own format back when they used such things, but you could always get a Mac to make a Win-compatible disk, or a Windows box to read a Mac disk, with considerably less trouble than having your kid stay after school several days a week to get his homework done.

    What a moron. Already wasted too much thought on this buffoon.
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    hahhaa obviously he's got no clue. I pity him for the email he's going to get though.. I wonder if he'll set up a junk filter to delete everything containing "mac" or something =).. even if it checked for "moron" it'd probably get most of it ;)
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    aahhh. . it's always so satisfying when some idiot writes a completely moronic article, and then we procede to flame that person. I'm expecting a follow-up article from this half-wit in a few days to clear up some of his statements. This is the level of work that makes a boss notice sub-par performance.

    I think I'll send this dude an e-mail, just to add to his bad day tomorrow. :D
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    Not compatible? So if I create a file on my Mac, it's gonna be hard to tranfer it to a PC? Well let me see I just did something like this today. Got a Photoshop file, burned it to a CD. Went to job. Put CD into PC. Opened file wonderfully. Plus I've transfered tons of files between my Mac and PC via a network seemlessly. This guy is really making himself look ignorant :rolleyes:

    [EDIT]Just saw he was talking about floppy disk. Not sure about those. But comon, even PCs come with CD burners.[/EDIT]

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