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The Mac lovers of Microsoft

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 30, 2004.

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    Very nice testimony!

    To me the MacBU is a part of the Apple family! They were one of the main reasons to switch to Mac OSX.
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    Keep your friends close but your enemies closer?
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    "Roz Ho" are two words that still make me shudder. :D
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    Well let's face it, Apple has got the best OS and MS has the best Office Suite, it's nice to have both.
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    Anyone know many copies of Appleworks for Windows have been sold?
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    [grins] Hate to say it but that's actually a nice story.

    I know a few of the employees who work at Mac BU (ex Seattle Adobe employees) and they really are Macheads, even though they work for such evil. Seriously, there are people at M$ who, though that's their paycheck, follow that PowerComputing poster that said something about "you can over my Mac from my cold, dead body"
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    I haven't checked every single place this is posted, but so far I haven't seen anyone point out that this story is actually on the front page of the paper, with a big picture (the biggest one on the page, half of it above the fold--I'm sure there's a term for that) of a bunch of B&W G3s. I live in a P-I household (as opposed to a Times one, for you non-Seattlites), and I was completely shocked to see a bunch of Macs staring me in the face on the front page of our P-I!! :)

    So I think this can only be a good thing for Apple's exposure and demystification to the mainstream--or at least for people who get the P-I, here in Microsoft land. The article was pretty darn well-written for a mainstream one about Apple, especially here in MS-land, and I encourage anyone who feels the urge to send a complimentary email to the reporter (his email address should be on the website). I may do so myself. :)


    edit: Actually, the photo is entirely above the fold.
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    As someone said on Slashdot, "How shall we put this? Their spokesperson could do with just a tad more charisma. Or to be rather more honest, several swimming pools' worth of extra charisma..."
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    Obviously. ;)

    Ahhh... I'd love to see that along next to a Microsoft Badge. :D

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