The Most Beautiful Periodic Table Displays in the World

Discussion in 'Community' started by iGav, Jan 30, 2004.

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    Mr. Anderson

    That's great stuff - my favorite have to be the radioactive ones

    D :D

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    It's about time that the Periodic Table moves into the 21st Century. The appearance is clear an crisp. Much needed information. The cost might be a little prohibitive for broad based use.
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    I wish they didn't have so many empty radioactive spots. Couldn't they have just used lead glass and a lead box?
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    yeah, while a few elements like At just dont exist in visible quantities (i think something like a gram exists at any one given moment on the entire planet), some others do and could be Am, i've seen that before, its like crusty brownish looking
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    They look great, but it might be more useful if periodic tables were sold that had more critical information about atoms, like electron affinity, electronegativity, and effective nuclear charge.
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    As a mining student and one who has always been intrested in chemisty, this styrikes me as rather amazing. I have always wanted a colection of all the elements. Now I can have one, shame about the prce though.
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    Einsteinium in a visible amount... acually makes a Real Picture of Einstein

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    On a somewhat scaled down version (say, half-sized) I bet this would be "more affordable" (say, $20k). That's still ridiculously expensive, but if I have money to throw around when I'm out there working, then this is something I could see myself putting in a room in my house.

    Ah yes, I'm already finding ways to get a wife I haven't even met yet to divorce me in the future...:D
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    Great! Seeing as I'm in Chemistry, this will be perfect to take to the next test! So pocket-sized and inexpensive, too!
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    wouldn't some of those elements be extremely dangerous?

    if i made one, i would make sure i would have very small amounts of the expensive stuff so no one would feel compelled to break the display to steal it:p
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    That's really cool. It's great to see something like this; well thought out, artistic, and smart. It's the kind of thing that makes us wonder about life, the Universe, and everything.

    Good stuff.;)
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    Actually they said they put a picture of Einstein instead, since they can't put a visible amount of Einsteinium.
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    I think he was kidding...
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    That's cool and everything, but in reality, this chart is really much more practical, especially for those of us in grad school. :D
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    Yes! Cleo, that chart is exactly what I needed. Thanks!


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