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The most non-iWeb site looking competition!

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by somo, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Hey guys, I just realized looking trough some sites created in i-Web and realized how most of them are look-alike and that I'm getting fed up with the i-web look of webpages allround!

    So here's the competition:
    Post links of website made in iWeb not looking like they're made in iWeb. The best one wins a great applause from me....;)

    So for me to start here's my contribution:
    www.martin_somora.szm.sk {I know it looks like it was made in iWeb!:( }
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    Your first page doesn't look very iWeb but the photo pages do. That will be the real test for everyone. :)

    I also was curious to in find out what language it was written in. After some googling, I realised Slovakian.... had I looked at your "location" in your post I could have saved myself some time! ;)
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    Why does some of the pictures look like this?

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    mad jew


    Yeah, that's weird. The thumbnails are fine. :confused:

    Is there an advertisement meant to be popping up in the bottom right corner? Is that intentional? :)
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    The pictures came out weird in the slideshow, that's right. I assume it's because some errors while uploading it {I used golive for that}.

    The advertisment is there because it's on a free webhosting site szm.sk

    If You know of any good free webhosting sites please let me know!

    Anyway any links with Your design? {apparently non-iWeb looking, but made in iWeb???} :rolleyes:
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    Okay, so here's one that I threw together really quickly. Bear in mind, it's not a real site, I just made it to try to make it look like it wasn't made in iWeb. There are things I might clean up about it, but let me know what you think.

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    AmbitiousLemon offers free hosting (check out his sig)
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    I'm trying to make a website for my church and would like to use iWeb, but I don't want it to look like I used iWeb. How do you guys do it, and did you run into problems later (like iWeb not recognizing something)?

    I would just use GoLive or something but I really like the slideshow and blogging capabilities in iWeb (and the ease of use) - I just want to customize it.

    Any suggestions that may help me?
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    It really depends on how much not like iWeb you want it to look like. If your goal is to get away from the default look of the templates that are provided with iWeb, this isn't that hard to do. If your goal is to change the way that navigation works (having the navigation at the side, for example, instead of at the top), then this is substantially more difficult and, at this point, I'd recommend using GoLive instead.

    If you are looking for the former, however, all you really need to do is be creative. You can adjust the page width, the header and footer heights, and so on. The level of customizability that is built into iWeb is not insubstantial, and you can make some pretty non-iWeb looking sites just by playing around. Give it a try.
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    I am going to go right ahead and submit my best friends website and you can tell me if it is made in iWeb or not. Looks can be deceiving as the site has a "clean" look and feel to it. :)


    Any comments are welcomed and I will pass them along. :)
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    I don't get it...is this suppose to be ironic like Zombocom? Because without the music it's just not as funny ;)
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    Made in iWeb. This is a good example of a clean non-iWeb looking site that was made in iWeb.
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    Zombocom!=iWeb. Funny though.

    I'd say that the other site is not meant to be ironic, it's just in the process of getting set up.
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    Thanks. I can probably pull it off, just move a few things around, etc.

    I mainly want to know if I add elements in by hand (html) will that screw it up when I open it in iWeb? (for example; I might want to add google ads into it)
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    After you publish a site, you cannot, I repeat, CANNOT reopen a page in iWeb. When you open iWeb you are opening the stored .xml file, not the html files. So, once you publish, then you modify the html to make a form, then you send it up to your host. You can't see the form inside iWeb.

    So, if you want to customize a page with a form, or something else (i.e. adds) it has to be on one page that you're not going to change in iWeb again. If you do, you'll have to edit the code again after you publish it. Also, keep a copy of your modified html file separate from your site, as every time you publish from iWeb it will get overwritten with the unedited page the iWeb puts out.
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    one thing i have noticed from the get go all iWeb sites seem to have size 14 or larger fonts and really nasty css. give your type some lovin and that will help a ton to set it off as not so iWeb. they feel like tonka toys on the web, but they arent as much fun...
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    Non looking Iweb site.

    Yup ive just started mine.

    All the iweb sites have navigation menus at the top that you can tell a mile off are iweb. Ive tryed to stay away from that.

    Here it is : boardaddict.com

    Atleast i think ive tryed to make it look different.

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    dude real nice . real clean yet totally diff . good job
    i think you just got me to open up iweb and give it a shot
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    The Black Frog

    Ok, here's my try at making it look different than the given templates.
    The site is done with Iweb, the forum isn't.


    tell me what you think, I m curious to know if everything works properly for you guys.

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    I like it, but it's too wide for my browser. I use a browser window that is 1042 pixels wide including the scroll bar.
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    My Portfolio Site

    I was in the middle of learning GoLive when iWeb came out. I must admit, I put the books down as fast as possible and got on iWeb. Let me know what you think!

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    Built in iWeb or not?

    Here is a sample site design. It was built in iWeb. I am thinking of using it to replace my current site. Should I? How does it look? Here's the URL.

    http://pearsonmedia.net/rp/Pearson Media - Home 2.html

    I was inspired to see what iWeb can do after viewing Gabriel Naylor's site. Great Job!
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    Some of your links are a bit screwed up. Like if you click on the word email next to the the email button it links to your resume PDF. The "See the projects" and "see how it was made" on the left side main page don't do anything either. Overall it's a very nice site though. Makes me really want to redo mine.

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