The New York iPod Phenomenon

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 16, 2004.

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    from the article:
    umm. . . maybe that's because there no one can buy them. had apple realized how well the mini sells, their supply situation would have been handled better. . . then Q3 *really* would have wowed investors.
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    Maybe Apple, like me, wildly underestimated the popularity of those things.
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    Someone somewhere made the comment that the iPod is the car stereo for New Yorkers.
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    me too. although i'm in no rush to replace my 2nd Gen, 20G ipod. I'd rather get my dirty little mits on an AirPort Express. . . which also happens to be massively backordered!! Damn you Apple!
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    How could they handle it better? They sold every hard disk Hitachi--the only supplier of drives so tiny with such capacity--could make them. That's a great success for Apple, and the only way it could have been better would have been if Hitachi had been able to make more.

    An excellent reason for seeing more white iPods: they have been sold for years. Minis have been sold for months.
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    stockpile them for 2 months before making them publically available. That gives better chances on keeping up with the spike in demand upon launch. . .

    . . . kind of like what's being done with the G5 iMacs. (i know, IBM delays. But if 2.5GHz/90nm chips are being made, IBM must have conquered slower speed chips too? assuming that's what's in the G5 iMac)
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    I thought that some other HD manufacturer was also starting to make the 1 inch iPod mini sized drives recently. Maybe Apple has an exclusive contract with Hitachi or something. :eek:
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    But the same number of HDD's for the miniPod still would have been made. The same number of mini iPods would have been made by Apple even if it was held by Apple for another month or two.
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    Yes, that would be GS Magicstor.
    Apple do seem do use IBM/Hitachi disks as much as they can. There could be some nice performance guarantees written into their agreements, or even just test performance that make Apple happy to buy from them.

    Anyway, here are the Hitachi specs and those for the closest GS Magicstor drive. It would be interesting to know if Apple evaluated the GS drives, and how well they performed in real life.
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    Very good point iMeowbot and thanks for the links. Wanted to know about the spec comparision myself.
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    Or maybe this was a localized phenomenon. After all, he was walking to a convention center to cover a DV expo. How many of these iPod wearers were also going to the convention center? I suspect there's signifcant overlap between people interested in iPods and people interested in a DV convention.

    I'd be more interested to see how many he spots on the subway in lower Manhattan (financial district), or Brooklyn. (Probably a good idea to not wear one in Queens or the Bronx :eek: )
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    Thanks for the links.

    It's interesting to note that the Hitachi drive is faster (even though the rotational speed is slower). It also can withstand a higher operatiing shock (critical for a portable device.)

    I also found it interesting to note that the Magicstor device has glass platters. I wonder if the Hitachi drive also does or not. It seems to me like a bad idea - glass can absorb static charges and it can crack under thermal/physical stress/shock. (Maybe that's why it is only rated for 175G shock and the Hitachi is rated for 200).
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    The Hitachi platters seem to be some sort of ceramic or glass as well, they do shatter when killed.

    The speed, I assume, comes from better actuators. People get all starry-eyed over rotation speed, but seeking, and track recognition and buffering make a huge difference too. We came a long, long way over the years in performance even when everyone pretty much stuck to 3600.
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    Funny you should mention that. My old ST-296N (80M SCSI, 28ms seek time) still works great. (I haven't trashed it yet, because I want to use it with my Apple IIgs, if I can ever find a SCSI card for it.)

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