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The North Face Backpack and MacBook Air

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by stark4, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Anyone here use The North Face backpack with MacBook Air? I have Borealis and it has a padded laptop sleeve build in. But MBA is too small that i'm scared it might scratch with the hook on top. Do you guys have same problem with it? i'm looking for a solution to that. I don't want to buy another sleeve since my brand new North Face backpack has sleeve already build in it.

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    I have a north face backpack and I know what padded sleeve you're talking about. it should be perfect for keeping the air safe actually
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    I actually own a North Face Recon and place my Macbook Air in it. I have a radtech sleeve and this combo works perfectly.
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    I have one kind of similar to this one. It is padded but I keep it in this sleeve. I love this combination.
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    So you guys bought the sleeve even tho North Face backpack has sleeve already build in it?

    do you guys think using the build in sleeve will scratch my MBA?

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    i have the borealis too and i put my 11" mba in a waterfield sleevecase before i put it in the "sling." Yea, i wouldn't really call it a "sleeve," it's just more of a laptop sling compartment and I don't think it protects it particularly better than a backpack without such a compartment, especially at the bottom. I noticed that if I happen to place my backpack down on the ground too fast then it tends to hit the laptop so I know I have to put it in a sleeve first.
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    ok so a lot of people use sleeve on top of build in North Face laptop pocket... ?? i guess i'll have to buy sleeve for my MBA then... Anyone use it without the additional sleeve ? just the North face laptop pocket?
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    I have a Box Shot which is the largest bag, and i just slide my MBA in speck case in the compartment.

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