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Discussion in 'iPod' started by mich8261, Sep 26, 2008.

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    anybody know when last night's episode of The Office will be available on iTunes (US). It is the first episode of season 5.

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    Isn't it like 5 days or so? I don't know for sure. But the Season 5 premiere was outstanding!!! Edgier I thought. Poor Toby.
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    a lot of Macs on the show last night, and a nice little ichat bit. :D
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    I'm expecting it to show up any minute now... the season premiere of Heroes showed up within 24 hours.
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    I love both those shows! Season premieres are great. So, glad new shows are back :D
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    usually shows are posted within 24 hours

    other shows (like Colbert and Daily Show) as well as The Office before NBC and Apple had their feud would go on within 24 hours. Maybe the HD coding takes longer?!
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    Where the heck is it? It's been over 24 hours since it aired... come on! I accidentally missed the season premier, I wanna see it!
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    Getting closer

    if you go to the NBC page you can now see a different show icon, but it links to season 4. Hopefully NBC is not dragging their feet to force people to watch the "free" version at or
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    Right Click on the episode and select Copy iTunes Store URL

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