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The Official Hot or Not Thread

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by iGary, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Oh yeah, the beer AND the tatto make you such a stud...


    No, you don't look like you killed your last three boyfriends...

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    that last gal looks like missing white woman #28849 featured on CNN
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    Her? A murderer? Doesn't look like it to me. In fact, she reminds me of my mother. 0.o
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    This thread is scaring me!
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    Er..nice hat
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    are we going to keep posting pics? how long till this turns in to lots more pictures of PlaceOfDis? ;) :D
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    grrrrrr :D
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    Yeah, that's the idea...you post more pics of, um, odd people:

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    See, she'd get an instant ten for being cute, even if she was ugly.
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    "Ooh, this chair has a vibrate function"
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    Actually that first girl has a pretty good looking body. I wouldn't call her a slut at all. You have to know someone to call them a slut. You can't judge by what they are wearing. The girl is not bad at all.
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    I'd say she looks slutty, but may be very nice, I'm sure she's popular with all the boys.. ;)

    I probably would..twice.. :p
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    No, she's not disturbed:

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    Following on with the "Shhhh" theme

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    If I was a young girl and had a body like that, **** I'd flaunt it too. I don't see anything wrong with that. Besides, it looks like she works at some high-end bar, so dressing like that probably brings in more tips for her.

    If you got, show it.
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    See, once you get to know someone and become friends with them, though, then it becomes inappropriate to call them a slut. It's a real dilemma. :(
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    HAHA, sorry, that looks like a house, not a high-end bar. Oops.
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    True, but many guys don't care about just being friends with girls like that. There are other things on the agenda, but I believe it's good to have a few hottie friends to help you get other hotties. =)
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    ill keep those to the MR Pictures thread ;)
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    I was censored, what is this place? Come one, it's just 4 letters. :D
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    I like this one..


    I shouldn't have gone on HotorNot.com..I can't...stop....clicking... :p
  22. jsw
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    Hey, yeah, so Mom dresses a bit too young. Lay off her, OK? :mad:

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    Why do I sense that a fight may have broke out mere seconds after this photo was taken..

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    I like the first one.
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    well hello, I don't think we were introduced. :D

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