The One Button Mouse - A Switchers Tale

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by OCOTILLO, May 15, 2005.

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    I recently switched to Mac when the mini was introduced. I have been working with PC's or equiv. for the last 20 years. I have used all kinds of "mice" during this period. I always preferred the Logitech two button trackball. The last few years I have experienced considerable pain in my wrist and hand. Since using the Apple BT one button mouse, all the pain has disappeared. Also, I no longer notice any inconvenience with the Apple mouse. But then again, as I mentioned in a previous post, maybe I am just getting old.
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    Good to hear! I actually use the one-button mouse on my Wintel machine at work for the same reason. I wonder if Apple has done any long-term effects studies on the comparison of joint damage on one-button and two. I'm sure there would be a clear difference.
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    When venturing the same opinion in in the past, my problems were pooh-poohed by others and my RSI thread sunk without a trace. One poster mentioned that it was all in my head... :(

    I don't like using multi-button mice at all. It's not a matter of which is best, it's a matter of what suits you.
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    Im very happy with my Apple BT mouse also and most people love how it looks and feels and the coolness of having a Powerbook with BT put the mouse next to the Powerbook and boom Your done.
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    If there were an easy way to scroll with Apple's one-button mouse, I'd still be using it with my desktop. Trackpads are another place where Apple's one-button idea comes in handy. I can't imagine having to try to aim for the button to make sure i pressed right click or left click. Having one large button makes it a lot easier to use than wintel laptops.
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    Oh, it's definitely not in your head. I used to have a Mac at home and a two-button-moused Wintel at work. Since the app I used the most at work was a DOS-based student management system, the two buttons didn't bother me at all (as everything was done on the keyboard).

    Then we "upgraded" to a windows-based student management system. Which put me on a two-button mouse 12 hours a day. Within a few weeks, my pointer finger's joints were shot and I bought an extra Apple mouse for the Wintel.

    Two-button mice should be outlawed. Or at least come with a warning ala "coffee is hot". ;)
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    No, it's in my finger-tips, wrists and the outside of my elbows... far less so since taking a number of precautions.

    However, I think the first poster had a point about being older. It seems to have got worse as I've gotten older but maybe that's to do with working more hours than I used to.

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