The one more thing wasn't mentioned but exists

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by mustard, Jan 9, 2007.

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    awesome nice find
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    Good, thanks for pointing that out. It's about time they added wired ethernet ports (as in 'more than one') to the Airport base station. Now maybe it will be real contender in the market.
  4. Mal
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    Yep, it's designed a lot like the TV (everyone needs to remember how to do that now, btw, although the forums also need to learn how to display it the right way). 802.11n draft, three LAN ports, USB supports hard drives or printers, $179. Overall, not bad, though I hope the old one stays available at the lower price for a while. EDIT: Also, it supports 802.11a, which I think is a first for Apple, isn't it?

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    yeah, nice find.....ships next month
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    one more true

    this new base station kicks serious a$$

    can't wait to add a usb hub to add printer and external hd's

    to me this is the best thing offered today!
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    Airport Extreme, not Express, seems like a price drop if anything.

    The NAS function is what I would have expected as a companion to aTV.

  8. Mal
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    I was thinking I remembered the Airport Extreme being $149 for the basic version, but maybe that's just faulty memory. Still, this is enough of an upgrade to justify it, certainly.

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    is it possible to hook up more than one shared drive? could you plug usb drives into an old mac and plug that in to the ethernet.

    I have a bunch of drives I would like to network. I was considering a NAS server, but this looks pretty sweet.
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    Jaffa Cake

    For one thing, you can hook a USB hub up to the port on the Extreme and plug a couple of USB drives in, plus a printer or two if the mood so takes you.

    More info here.
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    Sold! I guess I was reading too fast and missed it...

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    oh cool, you can hook up hard drives to use as network that is awesome!

    this is good, now I don't need a PC on all the time for network storage :D

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