The Orphaned 10 Conference

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Gregg2, Jun 11, 2010.

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    Will the Big Twelve survive or be disbanded and the other 10 schools be absorbed into other conferences?

    I think Missouri is a better fit in the Big 10/11/? than Nebraska. It's all about media markets. The St. Louis and Kansas City markets have lots of Mizzou fans. Nebraska has what, Omaha and Lincoln? Both smaller cities with less media clout. Yeah, Kansas City might be divided, with Kansas or K-State fans on one side of the two rivers, but, the Kansas River is just a tributary to the Missouri River. ;)

    There are bound to be more announcements. Stay tuned...
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    Yep, we're watching this pretty closely here in Iowa. Here is an article that explains a little bit about the impact on ISU:

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    Follow the 2009/2010 College Football thread we're discussing it there.

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    I think Kansas and K-State are in the same boat.

    Ok, thanks! Mods, lock this down if you want.

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