The Pismo died, so 12" iBook or 12" PowerBook?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Toby O Notoby, Mar 13, 2003.

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    So my Pismo at home got fried. I basically used it to surf the web, emails, word processing, etc. However, since then I've gotten a miniDV camera and would like to do a bit of home movie editing. Nothing big, but I do have a wedding coming up and I'd kinda like to make some videos out of it.

    Now, I did get some insurance money out of it. Almost exactly enough to buy the lowest-end 700mhz iBook (I already have a firewire cd-writer).

    Option 2 is to use the money as a down payment and get the 12" PowerBook. My local Mac store gives interest free loans, so I'd be paying US$100 a month for a year.

    I've looked at some speed tests, though and it doesn't seem that much faster. And frankly the extra money could be put towards a Palm or iPod or something.

    So I guess the question is, is the PB worth it? (Yes, I can afford it, but is it worth it?)

    Thanks y'all.
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    If you are getting into digital video, go for the G4 processor and probably spend additional $200 for the SuperDrive. You'll be completely set.
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    For what you want to do on your laptop including Home Movie editing, a 700MHz iBook will do the trick.

    The PowerBook 12" is only ideal if you need speed and a superdrive. The iBook is structurally stronger than the PowerBooks, you can drop them and they wont break (don't try it) (A Australian Macworld reviewer once catapulted his 14" iBook down a star case by accident, and it still worked, only a little kick in the plastic).

    I say get the iBook, but wait a little while, the new ones should come out soon.
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    Thanks to everyone so far.

    Good point about the SuperDrive. Might try to sell it to cost conscious wife-to-be as a way to record and distribute our wedding.

    Also, can't really wait on the iBook, much as I'd like to. This is our only way to get on-line at home and aforementioned wife-to-be needs it to organize stuff. We live in Singapore but are getting married in Australia, so the Internet is our main point of communication with a lot of people. The only reason I haven't bought anything yet is because iBooks were on sale here until last Tuesday. I figured they must be coming out with new ones then and decided to wait.

    Knowing my luck, they'll come out the day after I buy it.:rolleyes:
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    For video, the Altivec of the G4 processor does matter. And the lack of a superdrive is holding me off of doing things with video.

    Burning to DVD is a must for working with video, otherwise you don't have a way to show/publish your work!
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    The 12" has DDR RAM and the G4. But i have heard from a friend that they do get pretty warm underneath (hotter than the 15" PB).
    You can run them on low power, which gives you more than enough power and less heat. You should probably just go look at them and see which you like better, since both of these are more-or-less the same for internet/email/word processing.
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    Well i always thought you were able to transfer the finished job back to your camera t put on a vhs???

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    you are correct, you can export to camera w/iMovie - very easily.
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    I faced exactly the same conundrum until yesterday when I opted for the powerbook. The iBook would probably have been adequate for my light needs (I have a PowerMac at home to do heavy lifting), but the slgihtly smaller size, airport extreme and better keyboard (for only $500 more) sealed the deal. I also suspect that the new iBooks are coming out soon and I don't want to be one of the last dozen people to buy a G3 processor.;)
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    I just bought an iBook, i know updates are coming but nobody really knows when, but i have to ask myself if these new updates will be needed? I realise the current iBooks are enough for me so i bought the 12" combo. I cannot really spend to much as i am saving for a work permit to work in NZ for a year.

    It'll do just fine for programming an flash animation work.
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    My advice.

    One word: "Wait."

    The iBook is on its way to a major update. A new case design, a new processor (G3 GOBI, at least), and all sorts of cool new features.

    You may have to wait a few months, though. There are new iPods and new 15" Powerbooks to come, first.

    If you really have to buy now, go for the Powerbook. It's one sweet machine. :cool:

    Just an interesting note: The 14" iBook was code-named "Son of Pismo" ;)
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    get the powerbook...

    You won't regret it.

    (personally, I prefer my 12" powerbook to the 15" inchers. Believe it or not, it's the size that does it for me. I'm more willing to schuck this little thing around than I would with the larger machine.)

    It is faster and looks cooler than the ibook. And having a G4 matters.

    I'm a former pismo user, and believe me the heat with this thing is no more of an issue than it was with the pismo. And it's waaay quieter than my pismo ever was. You'll love it.
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    Go for the Powerbook!

    The iBook may be fine right now, but I think that the Powerbook will last you longer. Plus it has DDR ram, and G4, a better graphics card, a better keyboard, it is a little bit lighter and smaller, aiport extreme, and bluetooth. It is well worth the money, and I think you will like it more than the ibook. There is really now comparison between the G3 and G4. The G4 is much faster. You get more for your money with the Powerbook.
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    How long beforre you guys think they will upgrade the 12" to a 1GHz G4 ? Any one got any idea if apple has any plans , its seems that they are doing pretty well with this product just wondering if they might rush out and even faster processor to make more sales. Anyone got and ideas.
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    Once again, thanks.

    Unfortunatly, "wait" isn't something I can really afford to do. Actually, when the new AI 'books were annouced I started to think I'd wait for the new iBooks to come out, decide between the two and bump the Pismo to backup status. But then fate and a powersurge stepped in, forcing my hand.

    Does anyone think that the new iBooks are really going to have G4s? Isn't that way to close to the new PBs? I thought they'd just have a speed bump and maybe bluetooth with the next iteration.
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    I doubt the iBooks will get G4s when apple has a 12" G4 powerbook... it would be the same computer in two different cases, not Apple's style
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    Sorry I ment the current G4 PB 12" when does anyone think they will go up to 1GHz .., should have been more clear.
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    No bad choice

    You can't go wrong either way. My first Mac was an ibook I bought about a year and a half ago. It was my favorite conputer ever until I got the 12" PB. Now it's my favorite.

    I've used both for word processing, spread sheets, email, and the iLife apps., and they both work great. The PB is a little faster, better looking, (I think) and handles iMovie better. Plus, I like the built in blue tooth.

    So, get the ibook and save some cash, or get the PB and a little more speed and coolness.
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    Just get one now if you think its capable of doing what you need, you can always sell it on later if need be.
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    Thanks for all the help. Leaving work so won't be able to read your posts over the weekend because, well, because I don't have a computer. Will probably hold off buying until Tuesday, though, on the off chance that new iBooks are introduced so feel free to post away with more advice if you got the time.

    Thanks again.
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    Do you do a lot of traveling?

    If so, I would go with the iBook. Much more rugged design, like your toasted Pismo.

    The Al look is nice and all, but it is still a thin skin of metal. Easy to dent and so on.

    Besides, you can always add a firewire DVD burner to your hardware collection later, if need be.

    Best of luck with the new machine! :D
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    With all due respect, I would disagree. I was doing some movie editing, etc. on my iBook 700 and it was a dog. My TiBook now is much more usable. The G4 does the trick for iDVD and iMovie....but if you dont' use the digital editing, etc the iBook would work well - it just is too slow for the movie editing.
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    I think that the 12" Powerbook should be configured for power users like the 17" and the rumored new 15" will be...does anyone else think that it will ever get a cardbus slot, L3 cache, DVI output, FW800 with upgradable ram to 1gb and a 1Ghz G4 processor? How soon? Shouldn't the screen size be the only difference? Just a thought....
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    iDan, why are you posting that in every thread? People will answer it eventaully you odn't need to spread it aorund liek wildfire.
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    I wanted to put it into a 12" powerbook discussion...don't you think?

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