The Price is Right: OS X Mavericks Edition

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by mactumors, Jun 11, 2013.


How much will OS X Mavericks cost?

  1. Free

  2. $19.99 like Mountain Lion

  3. Less than $19.99

  4. More than $19.99

  1. mactumors, Jun 11, 2013
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    I think this upgrade will be the first one to be free. What do you think?

    In the past they have always given a price when they announced an OS upgrade, right?. No price this time. I feel like it is better to not give a price and surprise us with it being free than it is to not give a price and then surprise us with one later. If there were a price, then they should have announced it. Also this release is low on big upgrades. It just adds polish. I can see people shelling out $20 for Notification Center, iCloud, iMessages for Mac, etc. but not so much for Maps and iBooks apps.
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    I would pay $20 just for the multi display feature alone. But yeah I'm surprised they didn't announce the price, but I will bet that it will not be more than $20. $10 would be a nice surprise. Free would only happen if there are 600 million macs out in the wild (ie iOS devices).
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    With the name convention change they are rather bringing it in "from the wild" :D. I think $20 is going to stick around.

    The multiple display change lol ... that should have come in 10.7.1 ><.
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    True, although they are doing more than just adding full screen mode, since both the menu bar and the dock will be available on both displays, which was never possible in any previous version of OS X.
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    I would be willing to pay up to $20 but I have a feeling they will go the iOS route and offer it for free. I dont think the ~$560 million they would gain from charging $20 for it matters so much for Apple. It's probably better for them to offer it for free and have more people upgrade or buy a mac.
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    Maybe I'm just weird, but I would rather pay for it than get it for free
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    Yeah... that's weird.
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    Haha ;)
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    Oh I know! If you like paying you can buy it for me too! Double the fun! lol.

    For real though- 20 bucks is what it will be I bet. Although with how they shared how great it was so many people had the latest and greatest OS X installed, maybe they will go free.
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    It should be free - Because that's how Mountain Lion should look!
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    I know for a fact it'll be free... for me:D
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    Assuming that Apple decides to charge something for Mavericks, when do you think they will start to offer a free upgrade for purchasers of new Macs.

    As I recall there was a period of time before the actual release of Mountain Lion where you would receive a free upgrade if you bought a new Mac.
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    That was as soon as they had a final month or date. Last time it was from WWDC till July. So I guess whenever they say it going to be this date, or this month, the free upgrades are offered.
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    I don't like paying that much :D
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    for me osx is always free...
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    Isn't Mavericks already "free" if you are a developer.

    Or do you guys also buy the AppStore version when it comes out??
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    With windoz 8 being a free upgrade for windoz 7 holder I guess that the upgrade to 10.9 from 10.8 should be free as well (just from a marketing point of view)..
    Than as we all know Apple thinks different and might charge 19.99..
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    Free to $20.
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    I think it will be the same as Mountain Lion.
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    It's free.

    A Windows 8 upgrade from 7 was never free. It was $40, now it's $200 for Pro.

    OS X costs are subsidized through hardware, though, so it's unfair to compare them.
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    Your logic is out of place though. Microsoft KNEW nobody was going to pay for Windows 8. All jokes aside though (even though I was serious) Microsoft charged $39. Not sure where you saw it was free for Windows 7 users. That would account for way too many people. They would never make any money. ;)
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    If Mavericks were to be free, Apple most likely would have touted it at WWDC
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    I say that it would be great if it was free, but it's not likely. It's probably gonna be the same as Mountain Lion was.
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    Krazy Bill

    You'll never see OSX for "free". The perception of something that costs nothing can only damage the overall value of the product.
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    They will stick with their current pricing. It'll be $20.

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