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The price of the upgraded 12" powerbook.

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by cwedl, Aug 21, 2003.

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    I have been asking questions about the 12" powerbook for sometime so I want to thank everybody who has helped.

    I am going to university in september. I am waiting for the powerbooks to be upgraded. I can only wait until the 16 th of september before I have to buy a powerbook, so hopefully they will upgrade in the next couple of weeks.


    When they upgrade the 12" powerbook will they put the price up from £1299 to £1399, after the price drop a few months ago?

    Also when do you think Apple will upgrade the 12" powerbook.

    If steve Jobs reads this Post, Please upgrade we are all waiting :eek:
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    Re: The price of the upgraded 12" powerbook.

    Oh, I'm sure he reads all of these threads.
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    Re: The price of the upgraded 12" powerbook.

    you mean $1599 ($1399 edu) and NOT $1299 for 12"..?

    if there's a way for you to get a 12" PB for $1299, then get it now. two reasons:

    1) upgraded powerbook will probably not be $1299

    2) upgrade probably will not be worth whatever the extra money over $1299...

    EDIT: d'oh!! i just realized you are talking about UK Pounds. My bad!!

    EDIT2: dang, that's EXPENSIVE!! :(
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    Re: Re: The price of the upgraded 12" powerbook.

    I know but I am used to paying about 50% more for electronics, If a company can get away with charging more for products in different countries they certainly will.
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    Ignoring what currency your price is in, Apple has typically released the updated product at the same price as the outgoing one. ie. no price increase

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