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The Real Story on Apple TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by awright07, Mar 15, 2007.

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    It's the exact middle of March and I find myself STILL waiting for the release of Apple TV. For a product originally slated to ship in February, I have to ask Apple, what's the hold up?
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    You need to ask yourself would you want a rushed out product thats not finished and likely has bugs in it?
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    Dude they said they'd ship in February and should rightfully be a bit upset that it isn't in your house yet.

    Rushed product is not the point, the point is why is it late. People would still have bought it if the ship date was March.
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    Yeah, ok. Hmm. It's a month or so behind. So PC users, Vista, I mean Longhorn took how long. But a month, that's unforgivable. The problem isn't that it's not here yet, the problem is...
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    I would prefer a flawless product, and maybe the chance of an unannounced feature. Being a month late doesn't bother me.
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    Give me a perfect, delayed product over a buggy box in the living room.
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    added feature of playing itunes downloaded games? a months hell 2 months isn't that bad IMO
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    It'll be interesting just to see it try to live up to everyone's expectations.

    (it's just another iPod after all)
  9. slu
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    Who cares? It will come out when it comes out. You have been living without one for this long.

    And if it was buggy, the amount of "AppleTV SUCKS!" threads would probably make me quit this site for a while.
  10. jsw
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    Yeah, the latest rumors and card chargings suggest it might be - gasp - three weeks late.

    Oh no. End of the world, blah blah blah.

    Although, I must confess I envy those for whom the late arrival of the Apple TV is important enough to even notice, much less worry about and grow angry over. I wish my troubles were so minor.
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    Somehow I don't think a lack of bugs will stop those threads. People have been complaining since Sept about the features it doesn't have: games, DVR with 2-way syncing of recorded content, 1080p, and 5.1 audio to name a few.
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    Give me an ontime product that works perfectly and serves fresh beer and I'll be happy. Otherwise I'm the impossible to please consumer :)

    With no money mind you, so I don't totally count.
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    Apple customers getting soft???

    I want to start off saying that I have no stake in whether :apple:TV sells or not. I just thought it was funny that there are people defending Apple on a delayed product.

    Back during the Motorola days (I can hear the moans...), Apple got grushed when the G4 got off to that horrid start. Moto got their share of boos as well.

    Personally, I won't worry about the :apple:TV unless they are shipped with smaller than promised hard drives or something. ;)
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    You realize that Motorola had nothing to do with the G4 or PowerPC chips right? Either you meant IBM or the 68040 chip.

    Anyway, I am curious to watch how the Apple TV is received needless to say I will jump on the bandwagon if it turns out to be a great product (like the iPod). Hopefully this becomes the turning point for bringing computer based media to the living room, but ultimately I'm skeptical.
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    Whuuuuuuh? Do you not remember the AIM alliance or something?

    Apple, IBM and Motorola jointly developed the PowerPC chip back in the early 90s. IBM and Motorola produced their own variants of the PowerPC chip all the way until shortly before the 970 rumors/announcement started circulating, about the time Motorola spun off its semiconductors into Freescale.

    The PPC 7400 (G4) was Motorola's baby, as was the 604. The 603 and 750 (G3) were IBM's. IBM was contracted to make some G4s for Apple towards the end of its lifespan when Motorola decided that Apple wasn't a good customer anymore.

    In fact, Freescale still makes PPC chips, with a slant towards embedded PPC designs.
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    Really though, chill.
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    I was doing a lot of drugs during those years :p so excuse my retardedness.
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    could be more to do with apple intending to roll out the itunes movie store internationally, or at least in europe + canada.

    negotiations for these things can be pretty horrible i bet, and may be the major cause in the delay
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    Must have been some /powerful/ stuff. :p

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