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The Really Crap-o-rific PC Photo Thread

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Thomas Veil, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Thomas Veil

    Whuddya think? Would it be fun to have a thread dedicated to pictures of some of the most horrid-looking PC designs out there?

    I got the idea from one of those Google ads at the top of the page that was advertising a "PC Cube". Anticipating some sort of horrible rip-off of the Apple Cube design, I clicked on the link. I was not disappointed:


    All I can say about this is.....BWAH-ha-ha-ha-ha! :p

    For the morbidly curious, it's from here.

    So...y'all seen any bad PC designs you wanna share?
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    Looks like a cross between the Shuttle SB and SN XPC range... one of the more reasonable - scratch - probably the best small-form factor designers of the PC world. It may even be a Shuttle, I've not looked through their catalogue for about a year.

    Believe me Mr. Veil, there are much worse than this!
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    I agree... this is one of the best SFF PC cases I've seen. I'd rather have that case than the large tower I have now. It'd fit in better with the rest of the Apple stuff I have.
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    It's not bad, especially with ports out front. I'm tired of fishing around the back of my machine to connect something. ;)

    It could have been a really bad case like these guys sell: http://www.cheapguys.com/

    Those are just scary. :eek:
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    Thomas Veil

    Must be a matter of taste, I guess. When I hear "Cube", I of course think of something a little more subtle, like this:


    And if that's someone's idea of a PC version...I dunno, I'm just not impressed.

    Well, as someone once said...bring 'em on! :D
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    I don't like those circles on those drive drawers, looks tacky. They could have made the drive drawers blend in better with the case, that would have made it look for slick rather just just put there.
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    My brother has one of those. The panels aren't drive drawers, you actually remove the panel and put a drive there instead.
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    That's the front?!?! I hate to think how ugly the back looks! The ports being easily accessible is good though. I was just thinking today how annoying it must be to attach the Shuffle to a Mac mini since you'd really need a USB hub to avoid having to move it. The big iPods are less of a problem since having a firewire cable attached and tucked round the edge is less of a hassle
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    redeye be


    I saw this one in a shop a few days ago. I just had to look up the picture when i saw your tread.
    They were on sale :D

    nice try.

    EDIT: this is where i got the picture from http://www.ecsusa.com/products/lcd_pc.html
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    I honestly do understand the point of this thread, and looks and style did play a big part in my iBook decision, but I dunno. As far as PCs go, this one is actually pretty innovative and good looking. And it even has FW. Oooh la la! :p If it actually uses the wireless KB and mouse as shown, and the factory installed RF option for them (awww, no BT?) doesn't involve some kind of transceiver on a cord that has to sit on the desktop, but is integrated into the CPU unit, then I would put it pretty high up on the list of good looking PCs by any manufacturer (although natch not in Apple or Sony territory). Of course the LCD resolution would have to be more than 1024x768 too... Well, anyway, the *looks* aren't bad if its used wirelessly.
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    This is an odd design, to say the least. What I like most about it is that it's innovative. What I like least is that the monitor angle can't be adjusted.
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    It can! Using that adjustable foot at the very back. Probably gives you a good 3-4 degrees of freedom. ;)
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    I didn't even notice the foot. Well, that's better than no adjustment at all, but it still doesn't come close to what the iMac G5 offers for adjustment options. The iMac G4 is even more flexible.
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    That *is* a Shuttle, the SB61G.


    I actually like the look of the Shuttle XPCs. There's far worse out there.

    I present, for your delectation (pass the sick bag please):

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    Aww I was going to put those up. The yellow one comes in green, lol, who the hell wants that on their desk.
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    I think you meant to say, "Who the hell doesn't want a computer that can transform into a killer robot and kill the decepticons?"
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    Apple Hobo


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    Or better yet, maybe it could go around the world destroying all the HelmetPCs...

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    My eyes! :eek:

    hahahah its craptastic!..... lol that made me laugh :D
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    Yeah, I tried to pick the ugliest looking helmet design too...
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    Don't have a pic, but definatly the DISNEY PCs!!!

    They are so funny!!! Its like a 15" CRT with disney ears and a crappy system, overpriced
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    [​IMG] :eek:
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    You'd think that that was what it was, but you'd be wrong... It's true design is to transform the pretty windows xp desktop into a blue and white screen.
    "Muah ha ha, I say you do not have enough free memory to run this application.. Press any key.. if you dare."
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    But did you see that pen?!? Holy cow, its like a time capsule, taking you back to the days when Disney actually a pioneer in the animation market... either that or pioneered the tablet PCs in the 80's.
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