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Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 10, 2005.

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    I don't "get" The Sims. Populous, Black & White, Sim City... those I can get. The Sims never sounded fun.

    But I've never played The Sims. There must be SOMETHING that makes it one of the most popular games of all time.
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    That's easy ... from a logical standpoint the game challenge is similar to Sim City. Combine the game elements in such a way that it all flows as efficiently as possible. The game elements and measurement of efficiency and success are different, but it's the same point.

    Then there's the added human appeal and storytelling aspect.
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    I have been very intrigued by Sims for along time. Will have to wait for my next Mac though.
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    Brutal system requirements.
    1.2 GHz or higher G4, plus an upgraded video card.
    Trust me, it doesn't run on a stock nVidia card in a MDD single 1 GHz.
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    Tell me about it! Runs a bit slow on my (new) 12" PB 1.5GHz 1.25Gb RAM at times, bit jumpy and unresponsive.

    But a good game! Very funny to play with! Just wish it ran a touch smoother! The extras you can get etc for it are very good too! Loads of stuff out there for it!
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    Sometimes with a large house and lots of people it runs a bit slow on my 1GB RAM 2GHz iMac G5, too. I found that turning off shadows and restarting makes a lot of difference.
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    They just reviewed this now? I hear there's this game called Myst that they may want to review, too... ;)
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    There's supposed to be a derivative of Sims 2 out for handhelds this fall, isn't there? Now that sounds interesting...if only I had a handheld with wifi. :( But I still might cop the GBA version. :cool:
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    its a good game sims 2, tha game was 50$ then i need a new graphics card for teh PC that was 100 still a good game but high needs!
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    Ah yes, I read that too! Looks an interesting development! Better reduce the needs first though!
    Thanks, Ive been trying that! At least Im not alone!
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    I guess the handheld version is a sort of reality TV show where you play in special sub-games, more than it is wandering around the whole of the Sims world. But I'm not super clear on that. If you could play the online portion of the Sims on a PSP or DS using Wifi, that would be amazing. :)
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    Ye that sounds good. The wi-fi would be very good, maybe they should add that to the normal computer version, for use over a home network etc. Is there something like that for over the Internet?!

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