'The Sims 3' for iPhone Debuts

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 2, 2009.

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    EA's The Sims franchise is one of the most successful video game series of all time, and has come to define the genre of "life simulation" social gaming. The latest release in the series, The Sims 3 launched today simultaneously on Windows, Mac, and iPhone [App Store, $9.99]. TouchArcade offers up a "first impressions" review of the iPhone version of the game, revealing a well-done and worthy addition to the franchise, but one which comes up short in several areas.
    Article Link: 'The Sims 3' for iPhone Debuts
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    I love The Sims. But $10?:eek:
    It must be good
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    If this game were published on the Nintendo DS it would easily be $40. Just because the majority of the "junk" on the app store is free/$0.99 doesn't mean things can't be more. Unfortunately we've spoiled ourselves.

    Not that it has to be $10 either... just consider ourselves lucky that most of our applications which would be much more on something like the DS offers a cheaper price point typically on mobiles.
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    i just brought it. will let you know what it is like
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    You make a good point.
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    I thought this was going to debut with iPhone OS 3.0, no?
    Didn't it have a lot of features that 3.0 takes advantage of?
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    Spent hours on this today. I've had to recharge my iPod twice. Though not sure I'll play it as much when Sims 3 is released in the UK. But it is far better than I was expecting and loading times are really good.

    It will take advantage of 3.0, but can be played before that, which is a good thing.
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    Sweet - thanks!
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    i bought this today and love it, it's a fun game :)
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    I always think it's silly that people complain about spending $5 or $10 on a game. You realize a movie will cost you about $10 and some people spend $5 on a coffee. I bought this today as well, I'm sure it will keep me entertained for at least the length of a movie :)
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    Just downloaded, can't wait to get started! :D

    $10 for this game or for Tiger Woods is well worth it to me. The Mac and Wii equivalents are generally $49.95+ and I never dreamed this game would cost less than $10 for the iPhone. To be honest I thought it would be closer to the $20 range.

    I'm sure the price will drop in time and some folks may be willing to buy when it's $7.99 or $5.99 or whatever, but I have no problem paying the current price.
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    In game purchases

    has anyone found out if you can buy additional items ingame?
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    You will be able once 3.0 is released.
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    I bought this today, not sure what to make of it so far. Pretty good for an iPhone game.

    It says to grow tomatoes I need to upgrade my house in build mode, but I'm having trouble finding the build mode. Can anyone help? :confused:

    Edit: Nevermind, when you do enough things it unlocks it..
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    Can you build your own house?
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    is it just me.... I just bought sims 3 for my iPhone and it installs... but when it starts loading it just quits out... every time...

    its really annoying.
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    Restart your device.
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    I have, its not working for me :(
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    worth it

    well worth the $10. i couldnt sleep due to me playing it for hours. addicting game.
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    Blue Fox

    Mine did the same, do a "hard reset" (hold top button and home button until phone shuts off and the Apple logo reappears). All good now.
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    Still not working for me... Thanks for the help tho.

    I'm very disappointed after spending £5.99 on a app that doesn't work.

    I mean, you don't go and but a PS3 game that doesn't work, or a DS game that doesn't work...
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    How can u compared an iPhone with a PS3??

    PS: Can you build your own house?
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    He wasn't comparing the consoles. He was comparing the games.
    How when you by a PS3 or DS game, you're almost 100% sure it's going to work fine. But when you buy an App Store game, especially when you're jailbroken, there's an increased chance that there'll be something wrong.
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    I have been playing it since this past Friday(When it was actually released).Its a fun game. Im really not or was not on the Sim's boat like my wife who is a die hard sims fan but I really like it. I have not experienced the crashing someone else was referring to. You can upgrade your house though for 1,000. So far its been really fun. You can purchase a radio and the radio can play various tunes, some of which are old school pop songs and you can forward through them.The purchasing things for money will come when 3.0 is released.

    I was thinking..... Why would they release this version now when they previously stated that it will be released when the 3.0 software is released?
    Does this in fact mean that we will be seeing the new 3.0 software emerging here in the near future??Well all the same I really like the game.
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    so, when iPhone OS 3.0 is released, will that mean that you'll automatically get those new features of this game?

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