The Slightly Opaque Screen of Death

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by LFrascogna, Sep 26, 2003.

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    What was that. I was sitting there with nothing other than safari, itunes, and ichat running and all of the sudden and slightly opaque gray screen slides down from the top. It then says in 5 languages to restart my computer. I've never seen it before. Amazing. Is this the apple equivalent to the blue screen of death.

    It doesn't really bother me, but I've just never heard of anyone else having this. I am one of the few with 10.2.8, maybe that is it.
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    Congratulations, you've just had your first kernel panic.

    10.2.8 is the worst .update Apple has ever put out.

    10.2.9 should be out very soon to fix 10.2.8
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    You have just seen your first kernel panic!
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    Speaking of kernel panics....I've managed to set up a situation where my G4 450 AGP kernel panics on demand.

    I recently installed a Pioneer DVD-R drive (105). Now, anytime there is a CD/DVD mounted, there will be a panic randomly 5-10 minutes after inserting the disc. The panic is white on black DOS type text that wipes from top to bottom, and it's black only where needed to provide background for the white text (i.e. half of the screen still remains...desktop, Word, iTunes, whatever).

    Any ideas? :confused:
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    You're obviously still using 10.1. That's what a kernel panic looked like before Jaguar.
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    As much as I'd like to believe you, nope!

    Definitely 10.2.7 here.

    I'll try to cause a kernel panic with the About box showing on the screen and take a pic or something. :)
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    Hmmm, my edits were erased.

    Anyways, the specs were -
    10.2.7, G4 450 AGP (Radeon9000pro), 768 RAM, new DVR-105 installed
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    That's weird, you shouldn't get the text if you're running 10.2 :confused:

    It looks like the top picture in this KB article?
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    Yes, exactly like that top picture except what's visible will be my desktop (and not that little mac cartoon fellow).

    I'll post a pic shortly.
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    i love that description, i think instead of referring to it as a kernel panic we should call it TSOSD. :D

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    they're pretty fun :p. I've had a few random ones. Nothing serious it seems. Most recently was on a fairly old build of Panther on a 400 G3 iMac. No surprises there.

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