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The Stars Have Aligned - Perez Hilton Could Face Jail

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by chrmjenkins, Jun 15, 2010.

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    Miley Cyrus was wearing white underwear at the time of that snapshot. :( I doubt Perez Hilton will get into any trouble.

    I can't believe I just responded to this post. :mad:
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    He should go to jail simply for aiding and abetting the dumbing down of Americans and popular culture.

    Freakin idiot... "Lovingly taunt?" When I was 17, I certainly would not have taken his actions as "loving taunts," I would have been petrified that a grown man would think child pornography is just fine to distribute via twitter, or to even joke about, for that matter.
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    Color me unsurprised. It's not terribly far a stretch from MSPainting man-parts onto celebrity mugs.

    Of course, some would say, "What's the point? It's not like the pic did anything for him!" ;) :D
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    Bye-bye Perez. This is what eventually happens to people who do nothing but leech off the misfortunes of others. Hopefully, you get what you deserve.

    Can the same happen to TMZ as well?
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    If it does, I'm buying lottery tickets.
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    I hate to defend this guy, but what the hell happens in the six months from 17.5 years old to 18 years old that makes the former worth 15 years and sex offender status for life?
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    The law is the law. That is the cut-off. That's the way it goes.
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    Exactly. There has to be a cut-off somewhere.

    So erm....no one has said anything about the photographer who originally distributed the photo.....
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    Unfortunately for him, photoshopped pictures qualify as a violation of the law. If you paste the face of a child on an nude adult or specific parts onto a minor your are guilty.
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    Oh, and speaking of shameful celebrity snaps, Perez only has to look in the mirror.

    There's a pic of him on a current MSNBC news article that can be described as Dorothy Hamill meets the Smurfs in the aisles of a Goodwill shop. Flamboyant is one thing (and I have no problem with it); tacky is another.

    Joan Rivers would have an apoplectic fit if she saw it. On the other hand, Bobby Trendy must be giggling his a** off.

    See for yourself:

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    I hope so. I can't stand that shiznit. :mad:

    Sorry, but he can't just say, "But she's so mature for her age" and get away with such an offense. This law is a bit flawed, IMO, but in cases like this, I think it's one that's definitely needed.
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    OK, so in the US the average girl loses her virginity at about 14 years of age, but it's child pornography if you take an up-skirt snapshot of a 17 year old? Welcome to America! :rolleyes:
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    There is no photoshopping regarding these pictures. You're just throwing in useless debate points.

    ps. how do you know what the law is regarding the photoshopping of children on nude photos? ;)
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    So who is Perez Hilton?

    Oh .................. nobody.

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    Or where you can serve your country and go on any number of killing sprees in the name of peace before you're allowed to drink alcohol.

    I've always wondered about foreign laws though.

    Say if the photo in question was featured in a UK publication, where the age of consent is 16. Would that be legal? Or what if someone was to view 16 year old US porn, in the US that would be illegal but what if the viewers country had a younger age of consent?

    And a side Q- would an 18 year old US soldier serving in a country with younger drinking laws, would that be legal?
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    I can't see why it would be illegal.
    Go to Canada. Don't even have to be a soldier.
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    Laws regarding having sex, and laws regarding images containing nudity are two completely different things.

    Age for sex is 16, age for porn is 18.
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    I thought I read yesterday that Perez is claiming that Miley was in fact wearing underwear :rolleyes: and that he had photoshopped the pic as a way to taunt her.
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    If this is true, then it's pretty much Game, Set, Match for the prosecution, and Perez better work out a plea arrangement, quick-- his chances of avoiding the sex offender registry gets slimmer by the hour.
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    He's obviously not the brightest bulb on the tree.
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    Agreed. He has the right to remain silent, but apparently not the ability.
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    Sounds like he's given any prosecutor a dream case.
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    Pretty much the equivalent of a hanging curveball. He is a scumbag that is lower than the whale "doo-doo" on the bottom of the ocean.
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    Maybe he said something else after that but what he said (at least on the video I saw) is that although she was wearing underwear he chose that particular pic (where it seems like she isn't wearing underwear) to tell her she should learn how to get out of a car in a more lady-like manner.

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