The trouble with Steve Jobs

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by ArmyKnight12, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Very Interesting

    OMG! Reno is a short drive from here...
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    Clive At Five

    Inappropriately titled, but a good read.

    This article is basically a History of Jobs with a few mentions of his stubbornness... but hardly supports the "Trouble with Jobs" theme like one thought it would've.

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    First of all let me say I love Apple and I love steve jobs...but for being the CEO of Apple i'm sure he has a say and I wish he would address certain issues with Apple products. For example:

    He said the iPhone is 3 or 5 years (I can't remember exactly) ahead of any other phone out there. It is an awesome phone. But then they have to go and not allow certain things like MMS or iChat and little things like that that could make the phone so much better. And it just pisses me off more that I know they do it on purpose and they make us customers wait on purpose for a long time until they start intigrating those types of things.

    Just some thoughts
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    I know this will seem a little silly, but I caught two spelling errors in that article. I would expect better from a senior editor of Fortune mag.
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    And if Jobs' notorious difficulty is such a potential hindrance in dealings with music labels and movie studios, why haven't we heard about Amazon's stellar music/movie/TV sales (or anybody else's, for that matter)? Presumably other online stores are playing nice(r) than Apple is. How's that working out?

    The breakdown of this stock options tomfoolery is interesting, but there's not a lot here besides "APPLE RUN THE WAY STEVE JOBS LIKES, JOBS KIND OF A WEIRD JERK".
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    Because we don't all hang out at or
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    steve jobs doesn't owe anyone ****, we should be thankful hes done everything he has.
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    Clive At Five

    Spoken like a true fanboy. It seems pretty evident that Jobs was involved in the options backdating scandal, of course we don't actually know. If it is true then, yes he does owe someone "s***" and it's the shareholders.

    I am personally not affected by the backdating scandal, but had I been a major investor, I'd be pretty upset that Apple basically took value from my stock to give to Steve Jobs without telling me. Like it says in the article. Backdating isn't illegal as long as you report it. Apple was shiftily siphoning money away from its investors towards Steve... and if Steve knew about it, that makes it all the worse.

    How can you not lose respect for someone who steals from those who support he and his company?

    Yes, Steve Jobs has done a lot of good things for Apple and I believe he, out of all the CEOs out there, he does the most to earn his pay; but that does not justify thievery.

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    Steve jobs claims he gets paid $1 a year from apple.
    I truly believe he had something to do with the backdating scandal.

    But really what do you expect from a guy who jerked his own friend of an atari deal?

    And Mathias I agree with you.
    one of the gripes i have with apple.
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    The article says he is Buddhist--I assume this means the journalist writing this article knows for a fact he self-identifies as Buddhist?

    There's later on a quotation from someone saying that Jobs understands desires.

    It's an interesting juxtaposition of facts:

    Jobs follows a philosophy that desire is the root of suffering.


    Jobs understands how to make people desire things and does so.

    Desire causes people to mug each other for iPods, or even murder for an iPod. And interestingly enough, the idea of social status being indicated by iPod use is recognized and pushed as a concept within Apple.
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    He makes more from interest on his personal cashload in a week than you and I make in a month. Here's another track for your single-track mind.

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    I desire great Apple products, but I would never mug anyone. Desire doesn't _cause_ people to mug each other... there's other factors going on for those that stoop to such low levels.
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    Don't you think it's a root cause though? you "want" it? You don't mug people because you happen to be holding a knife and have about 10 minutes to kill, do you?

    You may be able to put "need" in place of want, as in they "need" the money, but really the "need" for money is to support the "want" of things.
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    I was listening to one of the morning radio shows here in SF, and they mentioned that Steve Jobs had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. They said it was on the front page of CNN, and you could hear one of the other hosts say, "yep, there it" or something like that.

    As soon as I got home, I checked it out and saw that this was the article they were talking about. It took them a whole 10-15 minutes before they came back to the topic to mention that the diagnosis was five years ago and the same one we all knew about, not a new one. :rolleyes:

    They actually read a few lines from the article, and then proceeded to talk about Patrick Swayze's supposed pancreatic cancer.

    I thought it was bizarre that Steve had just mentioned succession plans in yesterday's shareholder meeting, and then a new diagnosis came out today.
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    Hmmmmmm i knew that lol

    I have my own small cashload and it gives me interest so i would assume a multi millionare have the same priviliges if not more.

    But thank you for informing me about something so obvious.
    What is funny is that your multi track mind thinks mines is only 1 way lol...
    Is your other track under construction?

    Well since i lack 2 tracks i will continue believing that steve the great jobs lives of interest only with no other monetary compensations from apple.
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    Um, wasn't it Apple that caught it and reported it?
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    76 is rather elderly to be working as the food service manager at a casino. Kind of sad. Unless the old codger just likes to work, one must assume that his biological son isn't exactly showering him with cash. Of course, why should he? The old man gave him away. On the other hand, giving him away to folks who just happened to live in Silicon Valley put him in the right place at the right time to literally change the world. Life is funny that way.
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    I read this last might and I got the impression that the writer was a little bitter that Steve refused to comment. Heh heh.

    Good article though.
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    Journalists as a whole aren't exactly the smartest profession are they?
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    Steve Jobs' personality is EXACTLY like my professor/supervisor's. Incredibly bright man with an incredibly short temper, and difficult to work for. It's indescribable. I just can't do it without writing a book. From the yelling, to throwing pens and stuff, yelling, hating my ideas, loving my ideas, hating my work, loving my work, hating my work and then LOVING it later as though it was his own. He'll just flip-flop between 2 ideas, loving one idea and hating the other, and then flipping and loving what he hated 3 months prior.

    If talking to my professor is like talking to Steve Jobs, then I never EVER want to work for Steve Jobs, or not closely.
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    I think the traits that make Jobs successfully are easy to find in many other brilliant and successful people. It makes sense since they are driven to perfection and expect the same from those they work with.

    I mean, Jobs can't be any worse than this person:


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    I like Apple products and all, but if he really does park in the handicap space I hope he also parks in front of the fire hydrant so the fire department over there can break all his windows :cool: I have no respect for people who do things like that. It's the little things that show a man's character.
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    without steve there would be no apple, everything that has come from apple including a market share that in general increases(benefitting share holders). is because of steve. the beneficial implications of the enterprise span the world.
    also in order for steve to benefit, the company must benefit and when the company benefits so do the shareholders. now this article was over my head in legal terms and i kinda dozed off half way through. so i assume that steve is innocent, i think this was one of the mistakes he learned along the way(steve had no formal buisness education). steves rich anyway and at his age people tippicly look towards there legacy and i think steve jobb's legacy dwarfs this scandle.

    even considering that this could be "the trial of the century"(decade) i still think that when you take into account the Obelisk of :apple:'s Epic Legacy that the scandal is just dust in the wind.

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