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The UK iPhone Queue Line Thread

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by RossoA, Sep 23, 2007.

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    Here's where everyone can post where they are going to get their iPhone come November 9th, and what time. This will also give me a chance to see what sort of time I should be there.

    Right now I'm going to Regent Street Store in London, arr. @ 6am.
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    :confused: Do you mean you're going there @ 6am on Nov. 9, or right now - as in right now in September?? If so, then WOW!
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    Ahahaha I meant on Nov. 9! I wish people would reply to this though, I wanna know if that's gonna be early enough to get a decent place in line.
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    Waiting in line at 6am might be a long time. Remember, when the iphone was released here in the U.S., it was released at 6pm.
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    I know, but it is the flagship store for the UK - you don't think they'll be people there at that time?
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    Depends how much Apple hypes it up before the day…

    Right now I cannot imagine it will generate the same hysteria as the US launch. But then again… :p who knows what Apple is planning.

    Thus far the UK media has been pretty unenthusiastic about the iPhone.
    Hummm, and what if the launch coincides with a rise in interest rates… property market slowdown… etc etc… even a snap election could change things. ;)

    But that's just me being a spoilsport… :D
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    Walk into the store after the rush. Since it's the flagship store, they should be well stocked.

    To answer your question, yes, there will probably be people there.
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    I will probably go to the O2 Store in Brighton at about 8:00am, or do you think I am pushing my luck?

    There is also a Carphone Warehouse in Brighton, but it is smaller, and is probably less likely to have stock, what do you guys recon?

    I could make the trip to London, but I can't be bothered.

    The other option is to buy from the Apple online Store for Edu, but as no iPods are discounted anymore, I doubt the iPhone will be.
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    Keep in mind that very few of the stores in the US actually ran out of stock, so even if you're last in line you'll probably get one.
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    That's not the point, I just want to experience the energy and hype of the queue - it's like what makes buying Harry Potter cool - the bragging rights of being one of the first people in there to buy the iPhone, but I don't wanna be like round the corner from the store.

    Hopefully I'm not the first, but not like the 50th :)

    Does anyone know if there is a webcam on Regent Street with the Apple Store in view?
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    good point, 8:00 it is then!
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    can you pls rename or edit the title of yr thread to add "UK" in it to avoid the confusion ?

    i reckon i'll go at 12am to pick an iphone up at the o2 store in the city, i don't believe there will be big lines at carphone warehouse or o2 stores but i might be wrong
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    Just went to an O2 store and they say that all O2 stores in the country are opening at 6am on Nov 9th! Don't you think that's crazy!

    I even specifically asked if you could buy iPhones at that time and they said yes!
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    good, i will cancel my day off then !
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    Did you mean the 9th? Not 19th? If they're opening the O2 stores at 6am then Ill get there for around 5am lol. If they're going to be opening at 9am then ill get there for around 7 or so and make sure I have a very hot coffee and packet of cigarettes to pass time!

    Depending on opening time ill be picking one up from O2, Western Computers (reseller) or Carphone Warehouse (last choice).
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    whoops, only just spotted that, yea, thats what I ment!

    I changed it to avoid confusion!

    Do you think resellers will have any iPhones? I recon it will be Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse only.
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    So is the general consensus that it will go on sale early AM on the 9th Nov and not 6pm like in the US? 6pm has got to be better from a queuing point of view - turn up early morning and still be in a decent spot rather than needing an overnight camp?
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    I walked into my local Apple Store on Saturday 6/30 morning, played with the display model for 20 minutes and decided to buy one. Have fun queuing. :p
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    That would be best, but as ever, only Apple knows when it's releasing them...

    Here's to the wait! 32 days to go!
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    I think it'll be a 6pm launch since its a friday launch, meaning after work people can go to the store and qeue up and it'll be ok because there isn't work the next day...for the most part.

    So kinda like get off work, pick up an iPhone on your way home and enjoy. Also i know the Regent Street store will be packed. Its the most popular store in london as some don't even know a brent cross store exists but its also a flagship store hence it'll get priority stock and have a lower chance of running out of stock. Same with the O2 store next to boots and the carphonewarehouse next to John Lewis (all big stores)

    3 stores to choose from but most will be sticking with the Regent Street store as some want an iPhone without having to do any credit checks on the spot in a crowded store on a winter evening/night
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    Didn't I read somewhere that there will not be any credit checks until you go online to activate?
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    I'll be at the Manchester store from the minute they are available. I do not think there will be huge queues, but there will be some.
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    I'm considering the Trafford Centre, Manchester, but it depends on whether it is going to be 9.00am or 6.00pm.

    Does anyone have any news on this yet?
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    Yeah I wish they would release some times sometime soon, its getting annoying not being able to plan properly yet.

    Do you think every o2 store will be stocking up on iphones?
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    I would have thought that every Apple Store, o2 shop and Carphone Warehouse store should have stock.

    There are approximately 1300 retail outlets in total, so I would be surprised if there is much queuing other than at the major Apple stores.

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