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The Ultimate Portable Office

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Over Achiever, Dec 12, 2002.

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    Over Achiever

    Ok, I've thought about this question. If you're high up in Andes, or need to do some business in rural areas, how do you bring your office with you without plugging into a wall outlet?

    The Battery
    If you're out about in the country every day, you need a battery that will give you power for at least ten hours. Check out the Electrovaya Powerpad 160, a 160 W-hr battery slightly larger than a sheet of paper 3/8" thick.

    The Computer
    On the PC side, if you want a really big screened portable computer, then look no further than the Xentex FlipPad Voyager. Quad folding design gives you two 13.3" screens to combine to form a large 20" screen.
    On the Mac side, the obvious choice is the Gigahertz Superdrive Powerbook which is the ultimate portable computer. You can burn your DVDs here too.

    The Printer
    If you ever need to print off that contract to sign right that minute, then the HP Deskjet 450 is what you need. It doesn't skimp on quality (1200x1200 up to 4800x1200), on speed (up to 9 ppm black, 8 ppm color), or connectivity (USB, Ir, or bluetooth). It can print off of a battery which can last up to 350 prints per charge.

    The Scanner
    If you have a printer, why not bring along a scanner? The CanoScan LiDE 30 isn't a bad choice. It draws power from the USB port so you don't need an AC Adapter. Its also nice and thin as it is 1" thick.

    Just some thoughts...did I miss anything?
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    Jeez! You'll definitely need a llama to carry all that stuff up the Andes! How about just a nice, light 12.1" iBook :D

    With an extra battery you can get 10 hours (granted you have to shut down your machine to switch batteries). The main think you would need, I think, is some kind of satellite based Internet access. For that you'd need an Iridium satellite phone and use its data service, offering a whopping 10 Kbps data transfer rate:


    Except data connectivity is only through a 9-pin serial cable, and the software is only for PC, so I dont' even know if it's possible to use with a Mac :(
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    get a sub notebook and a docking station so you can leave all the stuff back at the cabin or whatever

    you don't want to get stuck carrying a lot out in the woods or mountains

    the sony c1 notebook is under 2.5 lbs and with a couple extra batteries, you are set

    i wish apple had a mini notebook like that
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    Over Achiever

    Maybe I should explain some things...

    This is just an idea, a vision...I'm not actually going to do all this in the Andes.:D This could be in a car, on the farm, down in Antarctica, etc. I was going towards more of the power user that can go portable, hence the Xentex or the scanner :eek: or the printer...that particular printer isn't the most portable, but it performs as well as any printer in an office. :)

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