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The Ultimate VPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by VegetaPunk, Sep 19, 2003.

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    I do some programming and other things for school so I kind of need windows, it sucks, but its also life. (;) Kind of nice for games too) anyway VPC just didnt cut it, if you have a program that takes 1-2 hours (remember that im learning this) it might take be 2-4 on VPC its slowness adds up!!! I got feed up and built my own PC which is pretty damn good for $509 (I love newegg) This plus about $30 for a KVM Switch, for those who dont know what this is, it attaches two computers to one monitor and keyboard. (iogear has the only small usb one that I could find for those interested this one costs $50) now I get to use my mac and when I want to go into "super vpc mod" I just hit the "scroll lock" button twice and in two seconds im in Windoze world @ full speed to play games, program for school, or to get headacks from troobleshooting problems.
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    Powerbook G5

    That sounds pretty sweet. Not only that, but it doesn't cost that much more than just getting VPC considering the vast usefulness and performance you get with that kind of setup. Good luck with that and enjoy your system, I bet it is pretty useful to switch back and forth when you need to without penalty.
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    ha ha. i knew what this thread was about as soon as i read the title. :D

    anyway, it is good to have a cheap PC sitting around. as soon as i get my PowerBook i'm going to keep this Celeron 333. :p
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    Re: The Ultimate VPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Use VNC or Microsoft Remote Desktop.

    Then you can access your PC from your Mac in a window. No switch needed.

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    this is a great idea

    so I could take my new 15 inch AluBook into my programming class, and then when I needed to I could have it pluggedinto the tower that at the desk already and just switch over whenever I needed to??

    sign me up, where do I buy??
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    arn I heard that the remote desktop slows it down :( since you are running @ the speed of your network... right?? this way I dont loose anything at all :)
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    Obviously, its not as fast as actually sitting in front of a PC or using the KVM switch. It's not for playing games either. However, for most regular apps it works great. I use it to "fix" my wife's PC at home and I use it at work so I don't have to get up and use a PC in the other room. All of my PC's are on my main workstation.
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    Re: The Ultimate VPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How does that new iogear KVM work? I have been looking at it, but loath to buy because my current KVM also uses scroll lock as the hot key and when you hit it, the shutdown dialog comes up on the Mac. The Mac also loses the keyboard and mouse when you come back from the PC. Does the iogear work better?
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    I found a guy who would sell me an Athlon 800 with a GeForce II MX and half a gig of ram, with a 15" CRT for $50. Sorry VPC, but I see no reason to pay several times more for a poorly performing slower program.
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    true, for games and graphic intensive stuff, prob not the best option... for everything else, works very well

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    Its pretty good, im using os x and I dont have any problems at all!!! The only thing I ran into is when I shut windows down and hit the button on the key board to switch nothing happened (my mac was in sleep mode) but all I had to do was hit the power button on my mac and it switched it for me :) I am having Windoze problems though... not related to the switch, I just need to learn how do fix and how to do things on this OS.
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    Especially if you have a G5...

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