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the upgrade to PBs ive been waiting for for years

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by chaos86, Sep 14, 2005.

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    this is what i want to see:

    note that the buttons would glow like the brightness ones on the *old* apple cinema displays. for those of you who dont know, they light up bright then fade down when pressed, like the power buttons on some macs. i guess maybe mute and num lock would stay glowing at a low level while activated.

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    That's cool, but it wouldn't make or break whether I bought a Powerbook.
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    i forgot the reason... half of you know it already.

    if youve ever used a powerbook and reached for the f10 key to activate exposé, but instead turned up the brightness of the keyboard backlight, if youve ever reached for the publish shortcut key in flash, shift+f12, and activated dashboard... in... slow... motion... mode, then you understand why this would be a lot of peoples favorite powerbook change. i know it would be mine.
    i want my function keys back ive (as in jonathon)!

    new powerbook keyboard layout this tuesday!!!
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    Seriously? What a waste of space....why not just switch the functions keys?
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    Because I use the Brightness/Volume keys as regularly as I use the Function Keys (Exposé and Dashboard, as well as a whole lot of Pro Tools hotkeys). chaos86 has the right idea, but I'm sure Apple could find a less obtrusive way of implementing it :)
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    Yeah, that's kinda what I was thinking. One of the first things I did with my PowerBook was switch it so you press the Fn key to change brightness, volume, etc.

    System Prefrences > Keyboard & Mouse > Keyboard > Use F1-F12 keys to control software features
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    sweet you make that put a patent on it or should i ;) ? with that you can get rid of the fn butten and you could put the eject there too
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    Looks good. A little dodge though. Maybe at the top or bottom of the screen would be good too :) (instead that is.. we don't need 3 of each button :p)
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    wel of course its an idea in progress. and i did just copy the symbols off of the function keys. and no, there would not need to be a function key any more but i dont feel like fixing it right now.

    out of interest, does anyone ever use the display switch button (function of F7)?
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    ... F7 does something? :D
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    Sorry but gross. Reminds me of all of the laptop PCs with too many damn buttons/indicators.
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    with 2 screens plugged in it switches between screen 1, dual display, screen 2, and video mirroring, in no apparent logical order.

    but noone i know ever uses it; the 'detect displays' option in the displays menu bar menu finds any displays and goes to dual display mode with them. and those i know who use mirroring just go into the display pref pane.
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    I agree. It's window's laptops that have way too many glowing lights all over the place. But I can kinda see the general idea of freeing up the function keys.
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    Mirror image on the PB screen is wrong :p
    Shows what the PB should look like..

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