the view from your office/place of work

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by vniow, May 15, 2006.

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    Ah, a nice sunny day in downtown San Francisco. For once.

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    So everyone else is staring at a blank wall all day? :confused:
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    Pretty Much! I have a lovely view of the office next to mine that my window looks into. :cool: I'd much prefer this view
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    So which car is the one whose alarm goes off all the time? :)
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    Bottom right corner.
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    Wouldn't we all... I haven't been up Little Cottonwood Canyon in years.
    Yeah, I pretty much stare at a blank wall all day too, but if I walk out onto the second floor landing with my camera, I see this:
    Not a whole lot more interesting than the blank wall, but at least it's sunny.
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    That reminds me I need to look into getting a smaller P&S camera to just carry around every day. I'm not lugging my Rebel with me to work and back and any other number of places where I could do something to it.

    Any suggestions?
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    Can't see much from my window since the tree grew leaves. Not that I'm complaining since it makes it much less awkward to sit and work at my desk in my undies. :D Looks like a storm is coming in, but it was sunny earlier....

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    Canon Powershot SD 450. That's what I have. It's a sweet little camera that takes great pictures and it's small enough to fit in a pocket in my computer bag.
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    Whistling casually....

    OK, so it's my old work, but it's 2 minutes from where I live.
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    11 years I've worked for my company.. I had an office with a window for exactly 2 months. C*ckfarmers. :(
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    Man, imagine harvest time at a c*ckfarm? Bizzare!!:eek: :eek:
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    Man Chundles, that view is awesome. I have always wanted to go to Australia. Hoping to get a job in California when I'm older though and buy a beach house for views like that.
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    Look IN the trees! You'll see all sorts of birds and bugs and frogs and spider and stuff. Nature is very cool on a small scale as well. :)
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    My view

    I have a decent view out of my window here in Indianapolis... if only a Roadway truck facility wasn't across the way.

    The last picture is what I look at most of the day tho... haha

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    Ah, I'm not complaining. I've seen a few red robins, cardinals, and squirrels in the trees. Frankly, the apartment buildings across the way aren't much too look at so I'm content with the trees blocking my view of them. :D
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    Shame! :eek:

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    I used to have an office with bars on the window. Does that count? :eek:
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    Yep! :p But I view MR in style with my Windows 2000 Pro operating system! :cool:
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    terrible pic (yay fluorescent lights!)

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    :D :D

    Hey, I've complained from the very beginning about being a Windows user and only a Mac user by proxy. I'm just too cheap right now to spend money on getting a new laptop since the one I have isn't old enough yet to warrant the expense.

    FWIW, it's my work computer screen in that shot. I have no choice but to use Windows since I haven't gotten my Unix box yet (oh, can't wait for the day). Next time I'll be sure to bring the hubby's laptop over to the desk so that's in the picture rather than my work computer screen. :p
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    I feel your pain. I work in a marketing department as the Communications Coordinator. I do graphics design manipulation (I don't actually design things just change the text and pictures in templates) and I have A LOT of contacts to keep track of. Using a mac would make my life so much easier at work but they will have no part of it. We are still using Windows 2000 :eek:

    Notice the sad amount of RAM for a "workstation computer" that is being used for a good deal of multitasking and Photoshop/InDesign/QuarkXPress work.

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    Ouch! We at least get 2GB RAM, but that still not enough sometimes for all the apps that I have running on this thing (which sometimes includes running VMWare). I can only imagine what it'd be like with half of that on my workstation--a mere crawl....

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