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The Wayback Machine - Very cool

Discussion in 'Community' started by beez7777, May 31, 2003.

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    you can have a lot of fun with this. just type in a website, and take a journey back through time to see what it looked like years ago. it's interesting to see what apple.com looked like 7 years ago. you can also do some minor navigation through the sites.

    see what MacRumors.com looked like on 5/10/00
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    yeah, i use it often. i think it's an extemely important service. even though they've only been at it since 1996.

    their storage need must be atronomical though.
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    Thank you for the link beez7777. That is a true historial treasure of the Internet! :)
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    oh man - in found this site about 6 months ago - i decided to see whether any of my old sites were in there, and sure enough - i found the first website i EVER made!! It was for a local curry take-away place near me and man was it awful. I think i made it in M$ publisher or something when i was like 14. I'm not going to show the URL as its that embarrasing.
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    I would like to see that 1st website of yours! It's probably much better that your admitting. If you like me you tend to be very self critical! ;)
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    i read an article on the site, and they have i believe 3 terabytes of storage.
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    Mr. Anderson

    One of myfirst sites doesn't load correctly, which is too bad. I'd love to have seen what was there.

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    believe me, its awful. I found my first personal website that i made in 1999 - haven't touched it since then! Unfortnately none of the evil animated gifs and cooltext.com graphics are on there
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    Yay! I love the wayback machine! I think one of the first things I ever did with it was seeing all of the archives of apple.com :D Good memories...

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    This is great! I honestly had no memory of how my website looked in 1998. What a trip. :eek:
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    Did you see this?

    Note the PowerBook reference... I forgot about that.
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    How about pm your old website, I promise not to say anything on this board unless we agree? ;)
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    MR still looks the same as it did when it started. I think it's time for a makeover.;)
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    Sun Baked

    I hope you're not talking about the food. We all know how embarassing it is to recommend a food place, only to have these people contract food poisoning. :eek:
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    Of course, most probably, the first site everyone went to was Apple.

    But it looks so, minor computer 3rd party company.

    It looks like Kensington.
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    Lol, no the website was awful but the curries were great - that's how i got paid for the site - free curry for life!

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