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The "What I like..." thread.

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by renewed, Mar 24, 2010.

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    It's been sort of negative on here as of late so I thought I would start a "what I like thread". Post pictures or write about things you like and discuss... I'll start:




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    Is there a particular field in biology you like, or the topic in general interests you?
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    I like the following:




    Note: No, that is not my computer, it's a friend's. A$s hole beat me to the punch....

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    frisbee golf
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    Well the whole topic interests me. I am however fond of marine biology and habitat preservation such as on ranches. King Ranch here in Texas does a really cool job of it.
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    Cool thread idea!
    I like the following:
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    Myself and everything I'm doing at the moment.

    To conform to the thread though

    Film production
    Music recording

    Covering the top 3 creative fields :D
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    I like...


    and everything in-between.
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    haha. Yes, there has been a lot a negative stuff. The majority of the problems involve 14 year old kids getting each other pregnant and needing to take viagra because they can't get horny after 1 day.
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    damn, can't believe i forgot this one! then again, i don't have much of it so can't really love it.
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    I like:

    my skateboard and riding it at uni (also other places)
    Japanese food
    Beer (carlton draught :D)
    chillin with mates
    surfin the internet
    fixin stuff
    a lot of other things
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    Good idea.

    I like

    Taking pictures!


    Also: Jason Lewis, watching House, Wes Anderson, Table Tennis, Google Analytics, Beer
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    Staff Member

    What I like?

    In no particular order
    Spending time with my family
    Reading the Bible
    Working on my Mac
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    That's good but I would prefer this.


    or at least this...


    Other things I like.

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    Music, especially electronic. I play and program synths and sequencers too.

    International cuisine, especially Asian. Italian, Spanish tapas and Mexican will do nicely, too.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My adult beverage of choice:

    Florida. I was born in Orlando, and every time I go there on vacation, it feels like I'm "coming home".

    And of course, spending time with my family.
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    Me likey...

    • Hot Chicks (especially when they kiss each other)
    • Art
    • Museums
    • Drawing/Sculpting/Creating Art
    • Graffiti (love graffiti)
    • Photography
    • Playing on my iPod Touch
    • Using my Macs/PhotoShop/Illustrator/DL Stuff/MacRumors
    • Looking at the Moon and planets on my telescope
    • Cocaine/Weed
    • Whiskey/Cognac
    • N.W.A./Old School West Coast Gangsta Rap
    • Gorillaz (Music and Art)
    • Tony Bennett/Dave Brubeck/Matt Monro/Big Band/Jazz
    • The Sopranos/Mobster Movies
    • Seinfeld/Curb Y.E./The Office/Family Guy
    • NOVA (PBS)
    • Pad Thai/Chinese Food
    • My Wife

    I like a ton more stuff, but this is my favorite crap.
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    I like:
    • The Chicago Cubs
    • Losing streaks
    • My truck
    • Ball Licker
    • RawBert's Wife™
    • My computers (sans work PC)
    • Photography
    • My paycheck (sans the work that goes with it)
    • Being super bad at golf
    • Football
    • Coffe
    • My Keurig
    • A certain boy man
    • Wings & Beer
    • Rum & Diet
    • Red wines
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    Ooh, baby! Let's get you down to LA, pronto! ;)
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    My wife and I have been wondering about those Keurig coffee machines. Do they live up to the hype? Are there any disadvantages?
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    I definitely love mine. Disadvantages? If you're the type of person that drinks a pot of coffee every morning, doing this via the Keurig can get expensive. So if I'm getting ready for work and only plan on having a cup or two, I use the Keurig. If it's going to be a lazy morning where I think I'll be drinking lots of coffee, I'll put on a regular pot. My only other quibble is that the water pump is sort of loud.
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    Born and raised in LA area ...

    My pump is quite silent.
    I love them. 3x cups a day for me and I love the variety, the ease of use, the fact that my coffee doesn't cook while sitting, and the overall sexiness of the machine.
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    What model do you have? I was surprised by how loud it was when I first used mine, but some researching online indicated it was normal, so I just learned to live with it. Perhaps the newer ones are better.
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    Thanks, jessica. and dmr727. I'll check it out and perhaps get one of those "My Keurig" adapters that allow using other coffee brands. My mother in law loves Starbucks Caffe Verona, and this way we wouldn't have to make a whole pot for her when she visits.
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    What I like:

    • College Football
    • Spending quality time with my wife.
    • Airplanes with round dials.
    • A good cup of coffee in the morning.
    • Honda.
    • Having a job.
    • Good Times with Good Friends.
    • 70 degrees and clear blue skies.
    • The Texas Longhorns.
    • All things SGI.
    • (Stolen from jessica) Wings and Beer.
    • .92 and 100+ knots on the ass at the end of a long day.

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