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The Wide Screen iPod videos are Fake & Stupid..here's why

Discussion in 'iPod' started by dornoforpyros, Mar 5, 2006.

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    Seeing as the appearance of these faked video iPod threads seems to have reached the rate of 2.5/second I'd like to point out one obvious flaw.

    With a virtual click wheel and a touch screen interface (as suggested by all these fakes) just how in the world are you suppose to click menu, forward, backwards or play/pause?

    The current click wheel has a physical click when you ad pressure to it. Do you really think apple can build a different pressure click into an LCD screen that won't accidently go off while scrolling or adjusting the volume?

    In conclusion, the wide screen iPod with a virtual click wheel is a FANTASY, please stop posting your photoshoped video iPods and get back to work.
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    how does a trackpad tell when you're just moving the cursor as opposed to tapping? im sure there's some way apple'd figure out...not sure i'm into the concept though. it'd probably be very fragile.
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    good luck reaching into your pocket and tapping around on a wheel that you can't feel
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    I'm not saying the fakes are real - but that's not a good enough reason for them to be fake.

    The 3G iPods didn't have a clickwheel - it was just touch sensitive buttons.

    As for how you make an onscreen click - probably similarly to how you 'tap' on a 'book trackpad rather than click the button. It would just make it darned tricky to manage while in your pocket to click to the next song (tho watching video would be tough then too)
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    yes, but it still had BUTTONS
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    truthfully I just want people to stop fantasizing about a product that doesn't exist and then getting angry when apple doesn't release it
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    This is really not a good enough reason to say it's not going to happen. We are talking about Apple, they will figure out how to do this. Clicking the button would be like tapping on a trackpad. And for use in your pocked maybe the clock wheel could show up wherever you touch, i have no idea. I just really DO NOT think this is evidence enough to automatically call it fake, thats ridiculous.
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    Hey I still think it's stupid, the fact is sliding your thumb across a piece of plastic/glass and trying to register a click is not gonna happen. You might think a tap will work (as it does on track pads) but I still don't see it ever happening and being usable. On a tablet, sure(as we've seen in the video circulating of recent patents) but for the iPods form/factor..no dice
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    i completely agree... i really don't think those pictures are real. it WOULD be hard to have a virtal click wheel. plus, i don't see Apple giving up physical wheel design. that has been what has distinguished an ipod since day one.
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    Apple's going to have to take it a step further sooner or later. One thing you can be sure of is that we'll be finding some sort of click wheel interface for the next few models. I don't know what the possibilities are as far as a virtual click wheel go either, but it sure would be neat if it was a virtual one.

    Oh and if you want to change the song whilst the ipod is in your pocket than you should get a remote. Works great!
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    I agree with you that virtual touch wheel is stupid, but for a different reason. There are plenty of ways to create a virtual touch screen. Alpine developed some sort of technology for car entertainment where you can actually physically feel touch screen buttons. Not sure of the whole story, but it is possible.

    Having the scroll wheel on the screen seems stupid to me. If I touched my iPod screen every time I touched the click wheel, the screen would be even more of a mess than it is now. Anyway, I'll be interested as always to see what Apple does here, since indications seem to say it will be soon.
  12. adk
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    Also, people don't seem to realize that this supposed new ipod with it's enormous screen would suck a lot of energy. The 5G can already only handle 2-3 hours of video playback, and now people want to add this gigantic screen.
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    A lot of people are saying this, but I don't think it's valid proof that something like this won't come out. Technologies are getting better and more efficient all the time.
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    yea, maybe it will have one of those new fuel cells in it :p
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    Right, or maybe it will be gasoline powered. But then they will just improve on that design and make it orange juice powered instead. You will be able to purchase a super large tank/backpack that you strap on your back for extended play times. Movie playback for up to 10 minutes! :D :D

    Sorry I couldn't help myself.
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    Perhaps OLED screens? Couple that with more efficient batteries (or a fuel cell:D ) and we'd be set!
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    I don't know what I think of the OP's argument. I wouldn't say it's valid to call it a fake, but I can tell you that most people PROBABLY wouldn't like the design. I absolutely would not give up the ability to press a PHYSICAL BUTTON of some sort for a bigger screen... and I think thta most people probably wouldn't love the idea either.

    I like being able to feel a click when I do things - remember: they changed the touch wheel back to a click wheel. There was a reason for it. People didn't like the tocuh wheel on the 3G and far preferred the touch-sensitive click wheel on the mini that was then given to the 4G and 5G. In four and a half years, they've never made a change to the form factor itself... in fact, the most drastic changes have been in thickness and the width of the 5G because of the new screen... I just can't see an ALL-SCREEN iPod. Plus, when it's off, it would be, well, pretty ugly.
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    I love the idea.

    Think of one of these with an added Bluetooth chip, you could wirelessly synch with iTunes and if they did a good enough job with the new firmware and the quality of the touch screen then we could look forward to it doubling as an iPod Palm replacement. Yeah I think these new pictures are a bunch of fakes too but if Apple did release a product like this you can be sure I would buy one.

    Heck even if Apple didn't want to make the new iPod a palm replacement I would like to think they would release an API for developers to use to design iPod applications and games. Just think how many people are buying those choppy java games for cell phones; this would add a totally new and unexplored market to the iPod.

    As for battery life, the PSP has a screen about this size and quality yet it gets 2 -3 hours of battery life. I am certain Apple could compete with that kind of battery expectancy and still keep innovation high.
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    That would kind of wipe out MacRumors' reason for existing, wouldn't it? :confused:
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    oh no no, we'd keep the whining around :rolleyes:
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    The video ipod will not have a touch screen interface. A touch screen interface for a device intended to be for viewing videos is not practical. Especially with a small 3.5-4 inch screen. Constant smudge and fingerprint marks will ruin the video experience. The only way this type of form factor will debut is if there is a pushable scroll wheel on the side of the device kind of like the Blackberry has. Otherwise this is a beautiful design and I hope something similar debuts.
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    I'm going to have to disagree with you there. If something like this happens, Apple wouldn't totally stray away from their click wheel and iPod design with controls on the side. It's just not very....Appley.
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    I dunno, they let their name be attached to the god awful Rockr...
  24. EGT
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    Hmmm, I can see how this would be a problem but that's not to say that Apple won't use a touch screen interface for future iPods. The menu, volume controls etc. don't necessarily have to be "click-wheel" like.

    Every fake "video iPod" I've seen looks FAR better than the current iPod in my opinion. I wish they were real. :(

    Keep them coming I say. :p

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