Theory on Passbook and new iPhone release later in Fall

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by nygiants242, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Hey guys:

    I had a quick thought. Will Passbook eventually also include Credit and Debit cards? That would mean there needs to be some added hardware component added into the current form factor of the 4S, right? (namely NFC, or am I wrong?)

    If so, I can very much see them adding this feature to the new iPhone and expanding the use and application of Passbook.
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    I kind of expect the next iPhone to have NFC, and Passbook will be able to hold credit/debit cards on it if that's the case. It will still be the same Passbook it is now on the 4S since there's no NFC chip. As cool as Passbook is, definitely seems like a preliminary step toward NFC functionality.
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    Cool. That's what I thought too. Any other thoughts on this?
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    uhh... yeah. It'll be cool.

    Oh and it kind of reminds me of when "reminders" was unveiled for iOS 5. I thought "Oh that's pretty cool, but I don't really understand why Apple felt the need to make this. I don't know if I'll really use it"

    Then when Siri came out it clicked. Yes reminders work on the 3gs and 4, but I think i was created with Siri in mind. It just makes a lot of sense in that context.
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    Why is everyone so obsessed with NFC? I would never want any kind of financial information to be transmitted by waving my wallet, phone or whatever device near an NFC terminal.

    What's to stop someone from walking around and waving their NFC reader on everyone's butt to steal their credit card info any other sensitive information?

    The convenience is not worth it.
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    My exact thoughts with passbook.
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    Not to be tin foil hat guy, but I think I'd rather have my Visa cards and such in the Passbook app RATHER than NFC. I'd rather be able to pull up my card info (bar code or whatever) and have them physically scan it from my phone. (the way Starbucks scans your info from their app now). I really want the day when I need no wallet, just my phone.

    Although this has gotten me close:
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    I'm actually not sure the next iPhone will have NFC on it. Apple hasn't exactly been on point with release times on stuff that like. What they do best though is get it right. A lot of people expected the what-would-be 4S to have a bigger screen and 4G connectivity but it didn't. I think Apple is going to take it's time on this one. I expect in the iPhone that would be released in 2013. Maybe the '5S'.

    If you look at it, Apple usually adds some type of huge software addition to the 'S' versions. First they added a faster processor and better camera to the 3GS. iPhone 4S got Siri among an improved camera and internals.

    But that's just my assumption.
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    I'm sure there would be a button you would have to hit to accept the payment.
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    There is a reason why Apple has started adding Bluetooth 4.0 in the iPhone 4S. It can be utilised instead of NFC and you wouldn't even need to tap, but be within the vicinity of the store.
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    Apple holds something like 26 patents related to NFC deployment, dating back to 2009, so it's very likely to happen at some point.
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    OK, have you seen how Google Wallet works? You don't just wave your phone in front of the NFC reader without doing anything. You open up (unlock) Google Wallet, go to your card and then wave it in front of the NFC reader.

    I'd prefer if Passbook takes this idea with NFC and kills the barcodes. I hate seeing barcode readers pointed out towards us in Starbucks. It makes it harder for the barista to scan any items that need scanning, when they reach around blindly.
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    Nice theory actually. Though I worry about having so much on my phone that could lead to total financial and personal annihilation in the wrong hands.
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    Like your physical wallet?

    We've had the same problem with plastic for years too.
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    I would throw out my wallet but relying on any device that can freeze won't help me when I need to buy stuff. But I will use it as my primary and have my cards next to me just in case. ;)
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    I know, but the fact that it transmits the data is the issue for me. Besides, if we start using bar codes then every business already has the means to utilize this new payment method and will not require the installation of new hardware for adoption (NFC readers which very few places have). Remember, if NFC isn't everywhere, then you can solely rely on it.

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