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Theory on X1900 XT shipping delays...

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ammon, Aug 20, 2006.

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    I was wondering why it will take Apple another two weeks to get their hands on a few cards that have been out for around 8 months. Granted they have to have a different ROM and a different BIOS, but still... I just don't want to wait another 4 weeks!

    The other day I happened to read up on ATI's latest graphic chip - the X1950 XTX. It is set to launch on the 23rd of this month and be out in quantities by the 14th of September.

    Hmmmm.... That got me thinking. What are the chances that Apple would stick in an even better card then what I have ordered? What if they said it was an X1900 XT because the X1950 XTX wasn't out yet, but it is indeed the faster chip?

    Have a read at The Inquirer to get all the details.
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    The only thing we can say is that Apple already did that similar "free upgrade" with the MacBook Pro and the CPU frequencies in March, a sort of "excuse" for the laaaaaarge shipping delay of the laptops.

    Beside this, to understand that they'll do this for all the long shipping delay of their products is a bit optimistic, I think.
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    It makes sense and they might, but don't get your hopes too far up.
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    That would be a very pleasant surprise =)

    It could also be that ATI decided to run the ROM chip production cycle in line with those new cards which I guess would be good too since it could mean the xtx has apple compatible roms.

    Since the 1900xt has been out for a while, the delay can only be two reasons right? ROM production or upgraded card? If it was just the ROM it would seem wierd that ATI hadn't started mass producing the roms before the mac pro release, unless it was like a last minute decision to include it.

    I dunno, thinking as I type =P
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    That would kick ass, but if so they could've been more up-front about it.
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    Wow, I didn't realise the X1950XTX was shipping so soon!

    Guys this is it! For sure! No doubt about it!

    At that next event of apple or whatever, the paris keynote, they "update" the Mac Pro's GPU, and announce that all Mac Pro configurations are shipping within a few days!

    Those that ordered X1900XT's will get the new GPU since their computers did not ship yet!

    I don't see how this can not be the case. This is certain! YES!!!
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    I hope you're being sarcastic? This is very unlikely.
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    That's it! For sure! No doubt about it!
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    It would be very nice if they bumped the GPU in the Mac Pro up to the X1950XTX, but very unlikely. More probable is that they are having problems in the mass production of the compatible graphics cards.
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    :p Hey, I think an X1950 XTX in a Mac Pro would be brilliant, just don't see it happening yet.
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    Yeah. Chances are slim to none, but who knows... Stranger things have happened in the past... Heck, Apple is now using Intel CPUs! They also started shipping the first Intel Macs almost 6 months prior to when they said they would. Now they have completed their transition to Intel almost a year ahead of schedule! Strange indeed...

    Will it happen? I doubt it. Could it? Sure! Why not?
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    I think the X1950 XTX is getting a new (quieter) fan/heatsink setup. Perhaps the Apple version of the old card is getting the same rig - hence the delay.

    Or perhaps it is just a problem with demand for Mac Pro CTO has just messed up the schedule.

    Anybody know how much noise the FX4500 makes?
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    Odds are that the delays are simply because of manufacturing of the Mac version. UGA cards (BIOS /and/ EFI compatible) are still relatively new, and I would argue that ATi isn't going to push out a UGA card until a customer requests it (in this case, Apple). The manufacturing of updated x1900s with a larger ROM chip, and updated firmware will take time, and I think in Apple's case, they didn't want to push out the Mac Pro launch just because ATi and nVidia weren't ready with their high-end cards by WWDC.
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    Nice theory, but I doubt it quite a bit and frankly just want my Mac Pro as soon as possible with the XP SATA issue fixed more than having another set of delays...
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    The only reason I like the XP sata problem is that it makes me more patient waiting on mine =P

    I hope that's solved by apple by the time mine gets here!

    My fear is they don't fix it until revision B with some new intel motherboard that has all sorts of other goodies on it =/
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    That would be bad... I have a feeling there are several gamers out there that would flock to the apple stores in droves and go with a good old fashioned lynching :)
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    How bad is the XP sata problem exactly? Does it make windows unusable?
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    Holy crap!!! They are most definetaly shipping the Mac Pro's with the X1950XTX. There is no room for doubt anymore. Read this:


    The X1950XTX will support HDCP!!! Do you think apple would actually piss off all their initiall customers, and have their first line of Mac Pro's not support HDCP? Seriously!

    This has to be what it is! HDCP everyone! HDCP!!!!! Apple is all about High Definition!!!
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    I sure hope so... I'm sick of waiting.. I'm at the point where I'm trying to convince myself to get the Quadro4500FX.. (I've even got a thread started here and at another forum to see if I can be convinced)..

    I don't mind paying the $1000 if the Quadro is a much better card; but from what I am reading the X1900 is on par and better in home apps.. which means the X1950 is going to be even better..

    but I for one remain hopeful that Apple is shipping the X1950 in mid Sept!
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    It just makes too much sense. Most people have a ship date of September 18th or around that time, and the X1950 will be available in large quantites on September 15th!

    Why would apple use yesterdays technology?
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    it wouldn't be the first time they've dont that, so this isnt' a reason to hope.. it's more to do with that date.. Like others said, the 1900 has been out for a while; why would there be a shortage of a GPU that's been produced for the last 6-8 months??

    This could make waiting REALLY worth it! :D
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    But it also wouldn't be the first time that they surprise bump something right before shipping it (MacBook Pro's).

    At this point i'm 100% certain that's what is happening. It just doesn't make sense any other way.
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    we're spec'ed out about the same you and I, so we'll need to keep an eye on this.. I've got a Sept 19th ship date for sept 21st delivery..
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    2.66Ghz, 2 GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive, single superdrive and X1900 here too. I ordered Friday night and I have a September 19th ship date, 21st arrival date.

    Be nice if we got a free video card upgrade, the logic of the wait doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. The X1900s been out since January '06 I believe, all the materials are there (chip, card, VRAM etc) so it seems all they'd have to do is flash the ROMs, maybe under or overclock and that'd be it.
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    if that was true i think apple woudl tell us. They would hide the fact that they are giving their customers free upgrades. I mean it would make me really happy becasue mines not set to ship till end of septemeber becasue of that X1900 but i doubt that is the reason. I would think the fact that its their new computer and everyone is trying to get one is more close to the real reason.

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