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There is a God!!! SI Swimsuit Edition Videos

Discussion in 'iPod' started by pistol44, Feb 13, 2006.

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    Thank you Lord!
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    OK. What's most interesting about this is that SI is a Time Warner company, and so far TW has been absent from iTMS.

    Is anyone else wondering what's missing from the usual place of honor on the Store home page? It's ominously blank. Maybe just the counter taking a vacation.


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    Viewtiful Rich

    I have to admit I laughed when I saw the pic in the top corner... not going to buy any myself, but it'll be interesting to see where these end up on the video chart. lol

    And yea I definitely noticed the big empty spot when I loaded it up a couple minutes ago, but the counter seems to be back now.
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    Forget the SI Swimsuit stuff. They just added "School House Rock" and, best of all, "Saved By The Bell"! ;)
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    I don't care what people watch on their iPod. Porn, swimsuit, straight, gay, bi, tran. I REALLY don't care.

    However, I do not want Apple advertising this stuff in the iTunes Music Store e-mails that go out. Apple needs to limit these e-mails to music or television shows only. Not soft porn.

    I have asked Apple to stop advertising this stuff in these messages or I will start blocking these messages as they are inappropriate content to be viewed in a work environment.
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    You do realize you can unsubscribe to Apple enews/iTunes new releases right?
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    I also bet you get offended every time you open up a magazine or watch tv. Come on now. :rolleyes:
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    Who cares. SI swimsuit edition is lame.
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    It doesn't matter if he is or is not offended. What matters is if his boss or coworkers are offended.

    I don't know about other countries, but in Canada, if person A says something to person B, and person C overhears it, then person C has grounds for workplace sexual harassment, even if A and B were never saying anything about C or to C.

    This means, all you need is one prude or anal retentive at work, and everyone is at risk of getting in trouble.
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    Then why not hit the delete button and be done with it. I have also been taught to think before you speak (perhaps that could keep one from getting in trouble:rolleyes: ).

    On another note, I am not sure if the think before you speak thingie applies to forums though :D
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    Read my review on iTunes.
    Disgusting, just... Disgusting. iTunes, I am disappointed.
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    Aha, our prude has arrived:rolleyes:

    Edit, just looked damn those things are hot
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    Don't buy it then, and for those who want it, its there

    (is this they way u act when u see nudity in a movie or TV show?
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    ha I knew I was opening up a can of worms there...:D
    Read my review on iTunes and you will find out. Its not hard to find. my problem is the fact that young children frequent iTunes and until now it was a relatively safe place. If they put some sort of warning then I guess it would be fine.
    Its a little ironic seeing Disney classics next to sexy women. ohh, 2006:p
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    These are cool...not $2 cool but cool nontheless.

    And to put in my $.02, Marissa Miller is sooooooo freaking hot.
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    For gods sake, it's just women wearing swimsuits. Get a freakin life. Do you stop taking your kids to the beach because there are women wearing swimsuits, probably not.

    It's exactly these small, narrow-minded, outdated attitudes that are screwing up the world we live in. Yeah, everyone is allowed to have an opinion and this is mine. There are far more important issues to be concerned with.

    Let me repeat it, get a life.

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    Well, I don't think there'd be a problem at my work, but maybe this guy's in an open office setup, where you have no privacy, so when he first reads it, someone else could have seen it. Or maybe their IT department monitors emails. I'm just saying that, because he mentionned his fears about receiving the emails at work, that I can see those concerns might be valid, and have nothing to do with him being a prude.

    That said, good luck using the Internet AT ALL without having images of women in bathing suits pop up. Hell, I don't even notice that stuff anymore, unless their asses are round enough ;)
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    I would hate to see this get ugly. Keep it light, thats the only way we'll make any progress in this discussion. ;)

    Sorry, I didn't know treating women with respect was prude-like behavior. Modern science shows us that women are far more psychologically complex and generally have higher IQ's than us males. So why, I ask, do we treat them like pieces of meat to look at and salivate? Mostly I got upset when I read comments like those on iTunes that were written by a bunch of outrageously immature guys thinking from their waist down. If those models want to flaunt themselves in front of a camera thats not my problem, but please, guys, have a little class.

    Lets talk about terrorism. :rolleyes:
    (by the way, they hate us because of the way we treat out women, hows that for ironic)

    A) I don't think my ideas are outdated. In fact, my ideas are new. For centuries women were treaded like dogs, now I'm giving them respect. (I belive the word here is "dissed":D )

    B) There is a difference between women at the beach wearing bathing suits and women jutting their breasts out as far as they will go and wearing skimpy bikini's with one side untied.

    C) Do men go to the beach to get turned on? Do people download these videos to go swimming? Can you at least kinda-sorta see my point?

    D) I have a very fulfilling life thank you very much. Unlike many, I am able to have relationships with females that are about the friendship, not sex.

    E) Once again, what does wanting to treat women with respect and like an actual person have to do with my lifestyle? Is the life of a man measured by how many women he has played around with? Excuse me, but that is not the manly thing to do.

    Kingsly... out!
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    respect women, but i also find them nice looking and "hot"

    Being "hot" is not a bad thing, but i don't judge women on looks alone

    Every thing in moderation, might be the best thing to do here
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    I agree with you 100%
    I cant stop people from downloading these films. All I ask is that guys show a little class when discussing women.
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    What a sooky la-la.

    Sorry about the flame but really. There's nothing even remotely wrong with the SI stuff. Anybody can see it down at their local beach. Stop your subscription to Apple news if you want, let everybody else make their own damned minds up.
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    Agreed. I was at school on a teacher's computer on iTunes and I came across it staring in my face in the top right corner. This is so stupid. It's not even in the top 100. anyone who wants something like this can get it somewhere else, and they can get "better" stuff(you get my drift). So, those who care don't want it tons, and those who are offended by it are offended. Imho, bad move Apple. Leave the super soft "porn" to others.
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    Wow. Awesome reply.:) Haha, thank you, a man that doesn't think it's super hot or whatever! (b/c I'm female, if you don't know)
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    Soft porn?

    Man, you guys must be really sheltered!!

    I can see more (or less as it were) at the beach about 2 minutes down the road.

    As for "treating women with respect," these women have chosen to do this shoot, it's not as if they are shackled and lead by the hair down to the ocean and made to strut about in cossies. You wanna respect women, respect the fact that THEY made the choice to do this and appreciate their work for what it is - anything BUT porn.

    A woman in a swimsuit is not inappropriate for anybody.
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    The purpose of those videos is to titilate men, so if men act, well, titilated, then I have no idea why anyone would judge them negatively.

    The reality is that we are biological creatures, and so, our primary function is survival and reproduction. Now, as relatively enlightened people, we see there is more to life than only that, but no matter how civilised we become, nothing changes the reality.

    As for having class, well there are all types, and they all express themselves in their own ways. Some prefer understatement, and some prefer overstatement. Each propensity serves our society in its own way. That is to say, while I prefer class myself, there are times where it does not serve us. And while it would be nice for everyone to adjust their habits to each situation, the realistic alternative of a pleurality of differing voices seems to work well.

    Actually, they are simply caught in the dilema every man faces: We want our own personal whore, but would rather that everyone else treat them as a lady. And we'd like to pretend our daughters are saints. We employ a strategy of freedom, being grateful for what we get, and either recoiling from or pretending not to notice what we don't like. They employ a simpler strategy of servitude.

    I am sure they are grateful for your generous gift. Actually, it's been a long long time since we treated women like dogs. Before women's liberation, we mostly didn't let them do things for "their own good", which is a paternalistic form of respect. Our newer version of respect is one that acknowledges they have the capacity of self-determination. That means allowing them to rise or fall, in their own way. Some people might confuse allowing someone to fall as disrespect, but they are wrong.

    Have you ever been to a beach? You do realise that both sexes go there to show off their bodies? Women like being attractive. So do men. We both want attention from the opposite sex, and present our bodies in public to attain this. The difference between the videos and the beach is that the beach is in real life and the videos aren't. The beach allows interaction, and the videos only offer distraction.

    Actually, you are not unique. We all have mothers, sisters, cousins, coworkers, and friends who are women. But, we don't wrap ourselves in some wierd holier than thou garment.

    People like being appreciated for all their attributes, not just personality, and not just their bodies. Both. Liking one is not mutually exclusive from the other. But liking only one is missing out on the greater picture. While a woman probably won't like a man to have messed around a lot, they will probably think something is wrong with you if you haven't been with any, depending on your age. There are 6 billion people on earth, which means, we are a commodity. Your and my value is determined partially by who we are, and partially by supply and demand. You have constant supply, like every other guy, but if you have no history of demand, then that is a red flag for women.

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