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There's a reason why some of you do not work in design..

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by bertishere, Jun 11, 2013.

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    iOS 7 is beautiful and well done. i agree there are a few icons that could have been done better, but the overall UI is definitely more modern and a nice refresh to what it once was.

    imagine how boring iOS would be if Ive didn't take over.

    that is all.
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    the gray dock isn't very eye appealing though.
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    It changes color with your wallpaper
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    Yes, the dock and most things change depending on what you are doing.
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    I find the new icons to be much better than the old ones. Just not the biggest fan of the music one is all, I don't like the bloody orange shade.
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    You're probably right, but this thread is still a little insulting.
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    The settings icon looks like a tapeworm mouth
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    I work in design. iOS 7 makes some good steps forward, but makes a few huge missteps. For example the game center app and photo icon, as well as the navigation for safari and safari icon. All of these look terrible and are plain poor design. The Safari Icon looks like it was made by a child in MS Paint.
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    I have a degree in commercial arts and I don't like iOS 7. I do think Ive is a genius industrial designer. His reputation probably made him feel bulletproof.

    I'm a fanatic of modern, minimalistic design.

    iOS does have a few neat things, though.

    Exactly. Gradients are so freshman level designer. Balloons? Oldschool camera? Telephone? All those outdated and strange visuals. Even the styles aren't consistent.
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    I have a graphic design and a communications degree and constantly work with our marketing department. I don't consider this "good". I think it has a lot of beautiful pieces, but as a whole—or package—it is a huge let down and is not as consistent as they sold.

    Also, your title leaves a lot to be desired and is extremely insulting. You can have your opinion, but don't insult every designer for not agreeing with you.
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    I have no artistic degree in anything and I love it all.

    Thankfully Apple caters to people like me and not you.
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    So I guess only UI/UX designers know what is intuitive, beautiful, and well-done, and the rest of us are clueless idiots. ;)

    I guess we should all sit up and listen and agree when cutting-edge modern, elegant designers tell us what is "beautiful".

    Man, if that's the case the Fisher-Price designers should take over iPhone design, and the LeapPad designers should now be iPad designers!:p
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    hey i agree with some icons, but i'm talking about the overall UI, NOT just the icons.

    messages, calendar, notes, mail, etc. the actual apps look great.
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    You unwashed plebeians. Just kidding. Let's not be anti-intellectual and look down at professionals. Or else you'd have iPhones that look as crappy as Android.
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    no reason to be mad.. i'm saying it how it is.

    the same people who don't like this UI, are the ones who want horrible iPhone themes and graffiti font.

    or want apple to stick to the boring old, stale iOS since 2007.
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    So did you hate IOS6?
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    i did. i got bored after ios5. i really wanted a redesign last year.

    i was ready to jump to android (imo it looks better than ios 1-6), but i decided to hold off until this event.

    one thing i wish we would get is a dark UI.
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    Thomas Veil

    Unfortunately, that sounds just as superior as the thread title.

    Believe me, you would not want to see your iPhone designed by a non-designer. Unless you like MS clipart.
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    But that's why people switched to Android for choice.

    Android now has a better colour scheme.
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    Not a big fan of the UI changing based on the wallpaper. It's just so inconsistent and unreadable sometimes. Although iOS 6 is less fancy it is much more usable. Hopefully Apple will make some changes to fix this before release.
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    choose a different background and it looks much better.

    and again, i'm not only talking about the icons i'm talking about the overhaul of the ENTIRE UI.
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    I welcome most changes, but the phone dialer and the new messages app is atrocious imo. Windows Phone much
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    Thomas Veil

    I haven't been able to play with it, but I'd hope it would work something along the lines of iTunes Album view, where when you open an album to see the tracks, text color and background are dependent upon the color of the album cover.
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    I would say something but I am afraid that I will have my friend designers at Apple in trouble.

    Let's just say this: black and white line art on too transparent frost... yeah right..they told him its a no no

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