Thermal Grease: if we cant hide it, sue it.

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 4, 2006.

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    Link: Thermal Grease: if we cant hide it, sue it.
    Description:: Apple Legal goes into action to pull images posted online from their own service source showing the suggested placment of too much thermal grease.

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    so if I have this straight apple is basicly sueing people point out how royally the screwed up in building there macbook. Also it a fair beat that they did not follow the guild lines of there thermo paste suppliers or intel. Over heating due to poor installing means intel not going to refund apple money for CPUs that get fried.

    It kind of sad apple really screwed this one up and now they are trying to hide it. The law suit only makes it worse and now everyone knows how much they screwed up. Not only is apple wasting money on buying to much thermo paste but they are wasiting even more money replacing parts that get fried because of overheating. Apple should just fess up and admit they screwed up and fix the problem. The way to fix it is cheaper than what they are currently doing and does not require much of a change. Just tell the employees to use less thermo paste. If it is done by machien change the program a little running it telling it to use less. A 30 sec fix that is costing a lot of money. Boy smart apple. Are you trying to cause your laptops to fail quicker so people will buy new ones. Apple is risking and did loose a lot of there rep having tight quillity control because this is pathic and makes you wonder how much they do it to there other computers by using to much thermo paste. This is a key example where more is not always Beter but worse
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    I think it's because the site links to images from the Apple service manual, and not because they are highlighting a flaw.

    And I remember that Apple did state that a while back if one's MBP "gets hot to the point of being unbearable", it is abnormal and the user should contact Apple:
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    Well, it's not Apple, per se, that screwed up the MBP assembly. They contract with other companies to do the manufacturing. It's that company that blew it, and I suspect Apple's contract with them requires them to bear the cost of these flaws if they exceed some limit.
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    If the factories aren't following the Apple guidelines for construction, I think they should be held responsible. People criticise Apple for poor service without giving them a try, I have seen mostly good from them.

    My MBP does get a little hot in areas, but only if it is running for a day or more non-stop. This is my own fault in many ways and I wouldn't expect any less heat. If Apple has/does discover a manufacturing flaw however, I hope they not only let the factories know their feelings but also contact all registered MBP owners with details and what to do guides.
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    Ok, this probably going to go on and on, but I read the "something aweful" post b4 it was taken down and that article said outirght, that apple employees were told to apply too much thermal grease, when working on the MBP. I don't remember the article specifically stating that this was done out of malice, but the word choice and rhetorical structure certainly suggested it wasn't done out of ignorance.

    More importantly, wouldn't somebody somewhere @ Apple have caught this? And doesn't this seem like a manufacturing defect/oversight? I just don't think that something as pervasive as the heat problem in the MBP wouldn't alert somebody @ the manufacturer to say, "Hey, what about the THERMAL grease?" But maybe my expectations are unrealistic in this particular.

    As for the legal action, Apple brought the link down using their fastest possible recourse. It's smart business. Not necessarily the most upright method to handle a PR issue but effective.
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    Apple is responsible in giving the manufacturers the proper instructions. Look that the service manual, it is horribly horribly wrong in its' thermal paste application. Designed by Apple in California. This is Apple's fault. :cool:

    I am actually pissed that Apple is trying to sue SA and keep this under-wraps. I was going to patiently wait and see if 10.4.7 took care of my problems on my MBP but now I'm going to raise holy hell to get them fixed. :mad:

    Link to ArsTechnica's Mac forum discussion on the whole debacle. Lots of good info.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Made in China is made in China , Apples products though styled nice have gone downhill in QA ever since they started using Chinamen to build those computers and those CEO's bank accounts.
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    Still comes down to it that this is 100% apple fault and it not in assiblely that this problem trace down to. It traces down to a design flaw. A Huge design flaw.

    I think it is even sadder that apple is trying to cover up there design flaw by sueing. This mistake in direction is something any home builder knows is a bad idea (using to much thermo paste). It a basic thing. I really want to know how apple can explain this one because this is a huge F-up and it since it is in the service manual it is pretty clear that it design and NOT manufactoring.

    My only theroy on it is that is what you get when the ones designing your computer dont have home built rigs. You loose some very basic No No.

    Normally I not for bashing a company but apple really should get a lot of heat for this one. There is no excuse for this design flaw.
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    I really hope SA will file a countersuit AND *win*
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    I'm sure you'd never find a pure-blooded American making a cock-up like that. If you could find one.
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    Why don't you just go whole hog and call them slants? :rolleyes:
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    Location: The South-Yahooville & Redneckland

    That much is obvious.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Truth hurts doesnt it? I dont ever remember anyone saying oh goody im getting a quality made product from China:rolleyes: Being that i live in Yahoo country has little to do with the fact that Apple is spinning this or rather Lawyering up.
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    Nothing wrong with complaining about Chinese build quality.

    It was your Chinamen comment that highlighted your xenophobia and bigotry. :)
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Guess i should have used Chineese instead of chinamen, everyone has to be so god darn politicly correct these days. I really feel that ever since Apple moved its products to China the quality which is what apple was famous for has gone downhill. But profits are up so who cares right?
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    But if profits weren't up, they wouldn't be able to afford to fix these build problems, would they?:)
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    Yes, you should have. That is incredibly racist and hurtful. It's also a "blast from the past." I'm sorry, is the railroad still being built in Gold Rush country? :rolleyes:

    And whether or not you want to admit it, top quality goods do indeed come from Chinese laborers, as well as any others.

    I'm sorry... have you walked around inside a high-tech firm in CA? Take a good look around you, many of America's high science and technological jobs are being fulfilled by all sorts of Asians, yes, including Chinese. Have you heard of Shanghai? Yes, it is a bustling, extremely high-tech center. Have you missed the news? China is on the rise, and if you don't like that, then I guess you can live in denial all you want.

    If a design is faulty, how can you blame those who execute it?

    If laborers are not treated or paid properly, how can you expect them to perform at their best?
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    No - believe me I get what you are saying, and I am as politically incorrect as the next person...use what you want, but don't expect people to sit back and say nothing, though. :)

    I think you are being a little dramatic about the whole thing like it is a conspiracy. Fact is, we'd be paying $3500.00 for MBP's if they were built in the who's worse, China or us?

    I miss my California-built Macs, but understand the need to go offshore. Profits ARE up - hey that's what companies do - would you rather them be going out of business?

    Here's a shovel...

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