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Thermograph for Pismo

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Dale Cooper, Sep 30, 2005.

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    Dale Cooper

    Is there any app., like thermographX or temperature monitor, that works with a G3 Pismo?
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    Doesn't XRG work?

    I haven't got my gf's Pismo here to try at the moment... but I'll get post back (if needed) when she's home... :)
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    Dale Cooper

    XRG works, but it can't find any temperature sensors. Is it my Pismo there's something wrong with, or is it the same for all Pismos? (Mine's the 500Mhz)

    I've tried putting some serious workloads on the Pismo, but the fan has not started once yet. Could the sensors be out of order?
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    Just tried on my girlfriend's old Pismo, a 400 MHz, and XRG didn't find any temperature sensor at that, either.

    The XRG faq mentions the G4 PowerBooks as the oldest portables with (compatible) sensors, so my guess is that the Pismos has an older type of sensors, that might not be possible to read (except maybe as a hot/cold variable which controls the fans).

    If you want to hear the fans, just start some classic application while ripping CDs. Shouldn't be long before they kick in... ;)

    ThermoInDock claims to be working with the Pismos, but I haven't tested it... Edit: Tested and got a "incompatible model" message, so I guess it's an error on the site... :rolleyes:

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