They're baaaack!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by iGary, Jan 11, 2006.

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    Refreshes every minute or so - our Bald Eagle pair are back on their nest!!

    If you care. :eek:
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    That's beautiful! And two of them!
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    Aww, how cute! Are these at your place, or is it a webcam somewhere?
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    It's a web cam at Blackwater Wildlife Refuge (I volunteer there). Looks like they took off for a bit. Good to see they are prepping the nest. :)
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    That's awesome. Good on you for helping out the environment! ;)
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    damn iGary you got a eagle a shot of the lovely pair?

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    Here's the lady of the house:

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    Wow.. that's really neat. I wish Texas had wildlife that didn't consist of horses and cows.
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    Mr. Anderson


    What about armadillos?

    Cool web cam - do you have a link to the site with more pics?

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    Here you go:

    The Osprey Cam is a pretty good one when the ospreys are not nesting. Almost everytime I am at the refuge, there are a couple of Bald Eagles on that platform, which is close to the Visitor Center.

    The eagle pair are entering breeding season, so we are seeing more and more ofthem getting the nest ready.
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    There are Bald Eagles at the Sam Houston Natl. Park. I know, I had to "blaze" a new trail, because the old one went to close to their nest. :)
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    I've been going to Blackwater for 30 years and Bald Eagles are almost like chickens at the refuge now, you're basically guaranteed to see one if you go.

    Back in the early 80s it was a Holy Grail sighting if you could find one.
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    She's hanging out right now. ;)
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    Ugh, I keep checking, but I keep missing her. :( Maybe I'll have more luck tomorrow when it's brighter out too.
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    I don't see her either. Maybe she's out swooping up a few rats off the highway.
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    where is this located out of?
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    anybody ever been in a canoe and been swooped at by a Bald Eagle? it's the most frightening thing I've ever experienced, especially when you're canoeing in a marsh that you know if you fall into, you'll sink instantly into a meter of muck and not be able to get free. but yeah, the eagle dive bombing is horrifying, you realize how enormous they are and that they could easily rip up your skull with those huge talons (and in this case the he was trying to :eek: ).
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    OK, look quick.
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    It's 10:24 (I opened the link at 10:09) and I see it! Wow. I've never been so close to a bald eagle before.

    God I love the internet.
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    Once again, I miss it.
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    Try it NOW.
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    How cool. Hopefully I´ll catch them "live" next time.
    In the north of Norway we have a lot of eagles now, after beeing almost extinct in the 80´s.
    It do work to care
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