They're finally replacing my Powerbook...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MattG, Sep 3, 2004.

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    Three repairs and dozens of phone calls later, it looks like Apple is finally replacing my Rev. A 15" Aluminum Powerbook.

    I bought it the minute the Apple Store came back online after announcing them last September. I got it, and it had the dreaded white spots. Got the screen replaced, came back...more white spots! Sent it back again. It was fine after that for 9-10 months or so, then, I get another white spot. In addition to that, the keyboard was "bowing" by the arrow keys, the A/C adapter fit really loosely, and the screws that held the computer together kept coming loose because the damned thing had been taken apart two times now. So, I sent it in a third time. Got a replacement screen, and I'm not sure what else they did to it. Now, two months later, the screen seems very loose, screws are still coming loose (the right palm-rest makes squeaky sounds when I rest my palm on it), keyboard is still bowing, and now the trackpad does this new thing where it just randomly goes crazy. I'll move the cursor to the left, let go, and it zips all the way to the right. Only way to get it to stop is to reboot, and sometimes that doesn't work.

    I called today, and being that this will have been the fourth service request, they're issuing a request for a replacement.

    Has anyone else had this many problems with their 15" AlBook, or am I just an isolated case?
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    Wow.. your lucky. Ive had 3 logic board replacements, 1 hdd replacement (from Apple, and then another dead HDD caused me to switch to the travelstar drive), 1 combo drive replacement and a trackpad replacement and they still wont replace my damn iBook.

    Now that mine has been taken apart so much the chassis doesn't feel very rigid anymore and whenever i rest my wrist on the laptop the mousebutton clicks. Apple's techicians wont even talk to me on the phone

    As you can tell, im somewhat pissed off. But score for you on the replacement!
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    That's insane dude...they won't talk to you on the phone?? I'd try to contact somebody in customer relations or something.
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    Well, its not covered under applecare anymore (just slid out of warranty), so unless i want to pay like $80CAD to talk to someone they just tell me to buy support and basically just tell me to suck wood if i dont. Is there a way to speak to someone at apple without having applecare?!
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    You can call and talk to someone in Customer Relations (or whatever it's called) and explain your situation. Just explain how it's been into repair 5 times (or whatever), it's still not working the way it should be, and that due to their "repairs," your computer isn't holding up. I think they'd take all that into consideration, even if your warranty is up...
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    I think thats tomorows project. Now to find the Canadian support number for Apple customer support that wont just try and sell me on a one time support fee... BTW, im a support agent for HP and Appples support compared to HP's support just seems friendler. Guess im kinda biased because i'm the one providing support, but jeeze.. It shouldnt take more than one minute to gather my information vs the 5 it took the applecare reps to just get to the point where they tell me to buy more warranty. Also, they dont really seem to want to help you. I know at my callcenter were given the ability to help to a point and atleast get the customer pointed in the right direction so they can obtain the support they need.

    now im just ranting.... ill stop now.

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