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They're Here! Dual 2.5ghz impressions

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Blue Velvet, Aug 12, 2004.

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    Slightly misleading 'cos I'm at home with the flu.

    This email landed in my home inbox 30 mins ago...

    It might make you feel slightly better to know that 3 large black boxes, with G5 in very large letters, are awaiting your return.
    (They're in the store cupboard on the 3rd floor)

    Will be back in the office as soon as I can manage. But will leave it for other UK customers to spread the good word!
  2. jsw
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    Excellent news for you! Hope you feel better soon, as well. :)

    What approach did you end up deciding to use for getting all your apps onto each of the systems? As I recall, you posted a thread about that a while back.
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    Haven't made up my mind about that yet. Am running a fever, coughing my guts out and dying to get back into work...

    We'll have a designers meeting asap next week.

    Have got so much work on and have to keep one of the G4's running with a full suite of software while upgrading everything at the same time. Luckily, that machine already has a 80gb partition waiting for OSX.

    First, I have to put the extra 2gb RAM in them and a 72gb Raptor as boot drive... then apps, then networking... and using SharePoint for the first time on a G4 server, while getting our catalogue to press.
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    I had that last week. Bloody awful it was. Got practically no sleep for 4 days...
  5. jsw
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    Gosh - best of luck with all that. It sounds like it'd be a hassle for a healthy person. One step at a time, and double-check it all - errors take a lot longer than a cautious approach in this case. Let us know how it goes. In the meantime, why aren't you in bed? :)
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    Where do you work? I'll go and make sure everything has arrived correctly for you ;)
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    Thanks for that. Am in bed but well enough to type.
    Bored as hell, nothing on TV except for cricket & weakest link...

    I want to get my hot sticky hands on my new G5s! :mad:

    Edit: I expect more posts from the UK here within the next 24 hours. Maybe we got ours early this morning becuse we're quite close to a huge railway station in the heart of London...
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    Wait, you mean Microsoft SharePoint, the portal product? We use that at work to share documents, but I must be misinterpreting something... That's definitely Windows-only on the server side...
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    he just told you where he lives!!!

    Its in exactly London, England!! <waynes world :p
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    Whoops, dropped the 's' at the end

    SharePoints (shareware utility to set up shared folders easily on network)
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    The 'he' is a 'she', actually.
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    oops! my bad :D
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    I'm stuck at home without any of these necessary details... and will not be back in the office till Tues. When I'm there, I will be up to my eyeballs in work so I can't see me getting around to doing this.

    Sorry, but it's just not high on the list of my priorities at the mo.

    I and others appreciate your efforts, though :)

    We had a standing order from Apple UK going way back for 3 x 2ghzs std. configs which was immediately upgraded upon product announcement.

    Possible reasons for quick delivery: Apple Store UK, standing order paid way in advance, 3 x std. configs, central London delivery...
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    I certainly pray that you will be feeling better soon. Please try to get plenty of fluids and rest. It's important that you feel well rested to accomplish your task properly.

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