thick case: need pass-through extender for dock (and headphones)!

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by terzinator, Mar 6, 2012.

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    Feb 27, 2011
    iPhone cases are so danged thick (I have a speck), so when you sit them on a dock plug (like, the one I have in my car), it can't make a connection. I need to use an extender deal that can fit inside the small opening, and the one I have looks all stupid and I don't think it provides the best connection. (Gotta fiddle with it to make sure the audio sounds OK.) So, what's the best pass-through dock extender thingy you've found out there? (Or are they all the same?)

    (This type of thing:)


    Same for headphones... the headphone opening in the case is so slim that older headphones won't fit. I know I can get a 3-foot extender cable with small plug sleeves, but are there any headphone jack extenders you like that don't have a bunch of extra cabling?

    maybe this one?


    or this:

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    Not all cases are. And some docks are more versatile than others.

    ...and be careful using a rigid headphone jack extender. You'll be exerting much more torque on the jack than you would if you had used a cable.
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    How's the quality on the Radtech? I was thinking about picking one up but read some reviews stating they were falling apart.

    It did look like the black cables on monoprice might fit an Apple Bumper case. I think I might try that for my car charger. I'm not going to use a dock inside and right now, I don't have any kind of speaker docks, so this would work out for my needs now.

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