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Think Secret New Web Design

Discussion in 'Mac Scene' started by Freg3000, Oct 19, 2003.

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    A La the G5:
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    Good golly miss molly...that thing almost gave me a seizure when it first started to load.

    A little too much for me. And that fussy new logo (although it's much better than the old logo)...
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    Dont Hurt Me

    god i hope that ugly screen doesnt spill into every mac product, its bad enough on the g5 and isight but this is to much.
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    I like it much better than there old layout... Now if only they updated more...
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    What's always boggled me about ThinkSecret's main page layout is this:

    They have "Top Stories" at the top. Then the "Other News" section is just the most recent stories after the first 2 stories featured at the top. Then the "Recent Articles" section is the next most recent articles after the "Top Stories" and "Other News", but "Recent Articles" implies that it should be more recent than "Other News". Then they have "Features", which really should read "Feature", but again, this section is no more than a continuation of the list of articles ordered by date posted.

    What gives? Why don't they just have a "Top Stories" section and then list all of the articles from the past 2 months or so in a "Recent Articles" section. That would make the site much cleaner and less confusing, IMHO.

    (P.S. You can choose the background of the Think Secret page by looking at the bottom of the right sidebar. If you don't like the G5 cheese-grater-style background, you can have a simple black background or a more subtle brushed metal background.
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    It looks better but they need to center everything and they need to get rid of the cheese grater in the back and replace it with something that looks good.

    Other than that it is a good revision.

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    Thanks for the tip. Black is much better. In fact, with the black background, I think I like the gray much better than the yellow they used to use.
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    yumm - now i can grate my cheese and eyes ona regular-ish basis.
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    Thanks for the info. If you hadn't said something, I never would've noticed, because that background messed with my eyes so badly that I didn't even have any desire to scroll down :D

    But it will be a nice background to use to play pranks on people (imagine if someone changed your desktop to that!)
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    I love it. I think it looks a thousand times better than it used to.
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    ouch...my eyes hurt now.
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    Mr. Anderson

    ugh! That's just not right....and you'd think if it worked Apple would have used it.....now we know why its not on the apple site ;)

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    Strain on the eyes. I hope they find a more subtle background.

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    The first thing I did, when my eyes recovered from the assualt the background made on them was to turn it off.
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    Jerry Spoon

    I got dizzy and had to lie down for awhile after looking at that page load up.
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    Thank goodness for the CSS style switcher in the lower right.
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    the background is way to distracting, and is makeing me dizzy!
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    it's an eye sore. the text on the gray gradient, is not working too well for readability.
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    I was thinking about using the "cheese grater" look for an up coming site but now I will rethink the idea. I wouldn't want legal action taken against me for causing uncontrollable seizures. Less is more.... way less.

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