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Thinking about going back to Lion

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by RestUnknown, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Hi all

    I have a pre-unibody Macbook Pro, which still runs good enough, besides the start up time, which can take 2-3 minutes. So I'm thinking about going back to Lion. But I was wondering which are some special abilities of Mountain Lion that aren't there in Lion.

    What I use a lot and was wondering if it was already available in Lion:

    - Interactive corners (don't know the correct term in English, but you know, you move your mouse to a corner and it shows what you preset in Preferences)

    - iCloud

    - Notification Center, I do know this isn't available in Lion, but I guess I could live without it, I did it before :)

    Any other special abilities I looked over, besides the new dock?
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    Notification Center, improved iCloud integration, many refinements to GUI elements (you'll notice when they're gone), Share available throughout, many internal technology improvements and new APIs, dictation, and..... Apple.com has a "what's new" page that has a more complete list.

    Startup time shouldn't change much. To avoid the question entirely, just put the machine to sleep. It wakes up almost instantly and doesn't draw down the battery much unless you are letting it sleep for more than a 2-3 days. There's really no other reason to regularly shutdown.
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    Mountain Lion should not take that long to boot up. So that is "a problem you are having on your computer", not "an inherent failing of 10.8". It can therefore be fixed, most likely. I would verify and repair the disk, for starters.

    The Ars Technica website has a very detailed review of Mountain Lion, listing all the features and frameworks.
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    I recently did a complete reinstall of ML, but this didn't change anything to the start up time. So i really don't know what is wrong, the smart status of the hd is still fine...

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    SMART Status is not the only or the complete indicator of everything on your drive. Your file structure can have problems, and that has no bearing on your SMART status. Equally, your SMART status can be fine right up to the moment the drive fails.
    Boot to the Recovery PArtition, run Disk Utility and Repair DISK. (NB: Disk, not Permissions. Permissions does almost nothing.)
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    Already did that.

    Is it possible due to disk is partitioned because of bootcamp?
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    • Hot Corners has been around for a long time in OS X.
    • For iCloud, some of the features yes, some no.
    • No notification center.

    The Smart Status of my last hd was good right up until the drive failed. I do recommend that you have good backups of your system. Also, how much RAM does your system have?
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    Yeah I do keep frequent backups, the drive is almost 5,5 years old...

    It has 4gb, never had any page-outs and I also don't have any problems or slowness once it's up and running, it's just the start up time that's way too long.
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    Do you have a lot of applications that open up at startup?
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    Even after the complete clean reinstall the startup time remained the same 2-3 minutes
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    Have you tried resetting the PRAM and NVRAM? I've read about some slow boot issues that were fixed by doing this.
  12. RestUnknown, Jun 10, 2013
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    The thing I'd miss most would be iMessages :(

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