Thinking of Buying Animal Crossing DS*in 2 hours*

Discussion in 'Games' started by Patmian212, Jun 3, 2006.

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    I am thinking of picking up a new DS game since I havent played in a while. I am thinking of picking up animal crossing in 2 hours. Can anyone give me reasons to pick it up or not to? Lets hear em. The only thing I dont like about it is that its very cartoony japanese and cute.
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    I'd say go for it. You might want to pick it off ebay, they go for like $22.00 shipped instead of $34.99 in stores. The charectors are actually really funny in the game and theres alot of things to do. The downside is that you need to have time to log in at least once a day to keep you're town looking good. Its a great experience for the Nintendo DS and it shouldnt be missed.
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    Save your money then till Animal Crossing : Urban Warfare comes out.

    You have to create a character, infultrate a gangs homeland at the start of the game (youve escaped from a juvenile asylum), and become one of them, doing chores and buying and selling stolen goods thoroughout your town.

    Your currency in the game is golden 'bling'. At the start of the game the hooded gang boss loans you enough money to move into the town, its your job to pay him back, pronto - going to work for him.

    You can then use the DS's WIFI to raid rival players towns and go on various raids, hijacking their postoffices and turning over Tom Nooks store at gun point...

    You can customise your clothes so that you create your own gang stylee.


    I made all that up obviously (based on the current game structure), but damn that sounds good, come on nintendo :D
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    Ahh how I'd love to raid The Cranny...

    In AC fashion, you can wreck havok in other towns by using pitfalls, or, my personal favorite, chopping down all the trees in a friend's town and leaving stumps, plus teaching all of them really filfthy words...

    Tons of fun.

    Btw, anybody want to drop by my new town, lemme know. looking for some wifi friends.
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    Don't get animal sucks(i think) get brain age or new super mario bros.

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    I heard this game is very boring and only a select few really like it (if you are the kind of person that likes this game then you'll love it and won't put it down). If you liked the game cube version, the I say give it a go. Some other games to look at would be New SMB (its pretty fun but not as good as the older titles) and Mario Kart DS (although I think the 64 and GC version are better).
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    I got lucky on eBay and got a Second Chance Offer to buy a new copy of this game for $5.00. Needless to say, I took it. Now I just gotta wait for my DS Lite to play it.

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    It's very, very good. I have never been so addicted to a game for so long. I don't even know what I was addicted too. but since the UK launch a load of my DS mates have picked it up so we have WiFi 4 player get togethers. it's an experience you really need to have.

    Also it's the only game that has ever relaxed me. I'd put it up there with a good massage. soooothing.
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    A select few!? Wowzers. So that's why it's flying off the shelves in the UK and Japan? Why it's had rave reviews and a few bad ones, actually it's more like a select few don't like it if you compare opinions, reviews and sales figures! I've never seen this in the 2nd hand bin. Mario Kart sure. But never this...

    ...very confused...
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    I'm going to e-punch you.:mad:
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    It's not a very mainstream game. It's more so an acquired taste. I never once said it was bad. It just some people find it boring. Myself included. It's not a series like Madden where it has more massive appeal and moves several thousands (if not a ton more) of units a month. That's what I meant about a select few liking it. You must admit it is a game thats not so mainstream and you can see how a great deal of people might not find it so interesting. Thats at least my opinion. Now if you like the game good for you and I hope you enjoy it.
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    I'll admit that. I couldn't see a sports or a racing fan pick this game up and play it, they might find it too kiddy.
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    It sells EXTREMELY well. You need to remember when comparing it to a game that is released on ALL platforms EVERY year that this is a Nintendo release only. I think if you check the sales numbers platform vs platform you will be pretty shocked. With that being said, it's not a game for everyone. I however enjoyed it as much as ANY game I played on the GCN and it will be the first game to grace my DS Lite on June 11th. :D.

    To the OP, GO BUY IT! ;)
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    It got old for me fast. I got it mainly because I knew other people who had it. It's fun multiplayer - but during the summer it can get quite boring. I wished they kept real holidays like in the GC version. sigh. Brain Age is fun. Or New Super Mario Bros.
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    Soooo, did you buy it?

    Maybe hes addicted to it and hasn't had time to reply.

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