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Thinking of Buying The Orange Box via Steam

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Link2999, May 27, 2010.

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    Just purchased a Custom 15" i7 MBP on Tuesday and it's expected to arrive June 3rd. Now I've been looking at the Steam Store on my Intel iMac and it seems like it's on sale for $9 off. Anyone know how long this deal is going to last for or should I just buy it now on my iMac (I would have to delete several gigs of stuff on it, it has like 4GB left of available HDD Space). Plus, the iMac has only 1GB of Ram compared to the MBPs 4, I'm guessing that the graphics are probably worse as well, but it is a Desktop. All in all, I can't really play it the games 100% on the iMac so I feel I should wait to download the games on the MBP, but am afraid the deal will go away. Any opinions? Oh and I did play Half Life 2 for a little while on my old 2003 or so Compaq Persario, it was horrible quality wise and I felt that I was a little young back then so I couldn't truly enjoy the game (Still I liked it, but didn't really love it), anyone have any opinions on HL2 and the bundled games? (HL2, HL2 Ep.1, HL2 Ep.2, Portal, and TF2)
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    The deal will probably last until next Wednesday. I would highly recommend you get it while it is on sale. Saving $9 is well wroth it. Getting the "real" version of Portal (that includes the ability to play mods when Valve adds the "feature" back into the Mac port) and TF2 is just icing on the cake.

    As for your worries about your iMac being underpowered: I would look into getting at least 4GB of RAM into it. It should cost $50-$100 and is well worth the purchase. If you have the extra funds, go for 8GB as I believe your iMac maxes out at 8GB.
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    Orange Box is a great deal for $20 and my guess is that it will be on sale until next Wednesday but that's just a guess. Go ahead and buy it.

    However, they do still have a few bugs in Half-Life... I just posted a thread called "Q is for crosshair" because somehow, my crosshairs and weapon images have been replaced by letters and symbols... I'm sure they'll fix it quickly though.
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    Ya I just found out it's a 1 week thing and even though I can't play the stuff at the moment on my iMac (Space) I can always make room on the iMac and download the stuff later to my MBP. Thing is I just spent a good $2.2k on my MBP and now that I have that with more HDD memory space (Overall as well, iMac has 320GB), probably better graphics and more RAM already, the iMac is little more than a family computer now.
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    Wait a second... are you thinking that you have to pick one computer or the other here? If you buy and install it now on your iMac, you can just download it again using the same Steam account on your MBP when it arrives. Steam doesn't limit you to a single download... if you buy the game, you can re-download it anytime.
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    I'm confused on what Half Life is offered with Orange Box.

    Is it just Half Life 2, or Half Life 2 and all the episodes?
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    All episodes + Team Fortress 2 + Portal... but you should already have portal for free.
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    Thanks man, that seals the deal!!
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    Just bought it and guess what. Instead of TF2 I got HL2: The Lost Coast! I'm pretty mad. I mean I would like to have it too, but somehow the order said I got TF2 but it's not showing up in my library. (Would rather have TF2 as I'm sure everyone would) Also TLC isn't Mac compatible.
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    TF2 isn't out for Mac yet is why. Surely you checked to see if the games were playable? But yea. It'll be out... just not right now. All of Valve's Source engine games will be on OSX soon enough.

    I have to say sucks for OSX-only users! TF2 is an absolute riot of a game. It's 3 years old yet the servers are bustling and there's so much new content that gets added every couple of months. Probably my fave PC game that :).
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    I checked under all games. And The Lost Coast also isn't playable, but at least it shows up in my library.
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    Don't panic, that's normal. I also have Lost Coast in my library and no TF2. When I bought Orange Box, it said somewhere on the page that TF2 will appear (at no additional cost) once it's ready.
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    Hopefully. Perhaps just because they're porting it right now it's not available to Windows users as well to download.
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    Yes it is! Nothing has changed on the PC side. The internet would explode if they shut down TF2 whilst they made a Mac version - it's always in the top 5 most played list on Steam.
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    I'm not saying they shut the servers, I'm saying that maybe the game itself may not be able to be downloaded off of Steam while in the final stages of the port for Mac. Just saying because even accounts on Windows should see an update with their versions when they are able to play on Macs as well.
    Just saying this because even if the game was only available for Windows, I should be able to see it under "All Games".
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    When Mulitplayer games like TF2 come out, will Mac users only be able to play with and against Mac players? Or the entire PC community?
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    It'll be everyone vs everyone, Valve isn't stupid :p
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    This is really rude of me to say, but you're being a moron here. Valve isn't going to remove something for Windows users just because it isn't yet available for the Mac. TF2 still shows up in my games list under Windows. Once the Mac version is released, if there is an update for Windows users, it'll show up then and not before.
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    See you already bought it, but if you're concerned about freeing up space on your iMac first, just buy and down't download it until you get the MBP if you're not intending to play it on the iMac.
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    I wouldn't worry about Lost Cost, it's just a tech demo of the Source engine. It's a 20 minute playable walk-through that shows you how Valve goes about designing the Half Life series.

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