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Thinking of "downgrading" 15" MBP to 13" MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by shamash, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I'm thinking of getting the $1350 refurb 13" high end MBA to replace my Late 2008 Unibody 2.4Ghz core 2 duo 4gb ram 9600mGT blahblah unibody MBP. (it has Applecare until Jan 6th 2012)

    Just wondering how much I can probably get for my MBP, it is in pretty decent condition, there is scratching on the bottom of the shell, and a dent at the SD slot thing on the left. I really want the portability of the MBA, but Apple's recycling program only offered $460 for my computer, and with taxes, I'd still be paying about $1000 to go to the MBA if I did it that way.

    Also looking for pros/cons of switching. I used to play WoW but don't really play anymore. I am a full time student.
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    I would say around 1000$. Look for similar models in eBay to get more accurate estimation
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    Another question, is there any comparable pricing to the refurbs that aren't refurbished? It looks like the student discount is only $50 so the $250 discount refurb is pretty great, but I dunno about buying refurbished. I never have before :/
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    You can see resellers' pricing in here. Most likely refurb is the cheapest option. There is no need to worry though. Apple's refurbs are great quality and have everything that a brand new unit has.
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    I'm clicking around right now.. what about upgrading refurbs? I'd like to get a refurb but want 4gb ram instead of 2gb. Since I can't switch this out myself, is there a way to have Apple upgrade it?
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    You need to wait for a model with 4GB to show up. See Refrub.Me
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    Awesome site, thanks!
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    So I can't find the 1.86 4gb refurb on refurb.me

    Macmall has the 2.13 4gb for 1696, and the 1.86 4gb for 1609. Seeing as how macmall doesn't add tax while refurb does, I'm pretty sure the difference is only about $30-40 between waiting for a refurb or getting a macmall new one. I'll probably be going with macmall..

    My new question is 2.13 or 1.86. I know its only a 90ish dollar difference, but I kinda feel like the 1.86 isn't that necessary.. of course my MBP is 2.4 in comparison, so I'm really not sure. Any pointers on this?
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    I have the 2.13GHz model and previously had the 1.86GHz Rev B. If I were buying it today I'd likely go with the 1.86GHz model and save the $90 as it should be more than adequate, particularly if you aren't gaming. My mother has a 15" 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo MBP, and for Office, Safari, iPhoto, etc. I don't notice much difference. If anything, the MacBook Air feels snappier because it reboots faster and applications load more quickly because of the SSD.

    If you are looking for a quote on your MBP, consider PowerMax. They accept trade-ins and you can send them photos so they can see the damage and build it into the quote. Unfortunately, they sell Macs at list price, but it does give you a sense of what you might get for your MBP.
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    What if I do occasional gaming, not often though? I mean, I'm not buying the system to game on, obviously, but on my MBP I have done gaming in the past, and like a little Dragon Age Origins, maybe a couple other games.

    If I'm not going to be gaming much but will still want to maybe play a few games on it, will the small process bump make a big difference.
  11. PeterKG, Feb 8, 2011
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    I just sold a late 2009 15" 2.66 GHz stock model with Office 2008, iLife '11, and Snow Leopard in perfect shape, original packaging, for $1119 on eBay. I only had three bidders. In the Apple refurb store it was selling for $1250.00.
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    I kinda feel like when selling used Apple products, people look less at certain specs (late 2009, ghz, etc) and look more at the screen size and whatever you say makes it special. For example, selling mine, I might boast the fact that this is the last Macbook Pro with a removable battery, so if you need multiple batteries for field work with no outlets available, this is probably the best MBP for you. ETC etc etc.

    I wouldn't be surprised getting 900-1000 for mine.
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    I've been trying to get a refurb 4 GB 11". I just did the math and buying from MacMall would cost $70-$80 more than a refurb even with tax. I think I'll give it a little more time for another 4 GB 11" to pop up before I part with the extra $70.
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    The integrated graphics processor will make a bigger difference on gaming. Macworld ran some specs when the Rev D first came out and on COD the framerates were exactly the same between the 2.13GHz and 1.86GHz models, though some other tasks were faster on the 2.13GHz version.

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    I look a few times a day and I've seen one 13 inch Air with 4GB show up, it was there this weekend.
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    To me, I upgraded when I switched from a 15" MBP to the 13" MBA Ultimate.

    I would check eBay and see what units like yours are selling for. There are vendors like Powermax, an authorized Apple dealer, who will take tradeins also.
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    I'm a little pissed, I just got an email from Powermax offering me a little over 900 dollars for it, and it would have been a lot easier, but I think I'll do fine on Craigslist.
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    yes try craigslist, I had a loaded 13" 2010 MBA that I realized wasn't suited for my needs (and no jumping on 'my needs', I loved it (still do) but I needed the MBP for various reasons).. advertised for a swap for a 2010 15" mbp and did it straight across, both parties pleased.

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    lol wait for new macbook pro's lets see what's in them :D
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    I did the same "downgrade" and don't regret it at all. I had the 2.8ghz with a 128gb ssd and i got $1400 cash for it. So you should be able to get at least $1000. I have the 13" ultimate now and am extremely happy with it.
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    I'm looking to do the same. Since June I've had the new smokin maxed out 15 inch Macbook Pro 2.66 i7 500GB 8GB RAM and it's nothing special. The battery doesn't last as long as advertised (still think it's a GPU switching issue) and it's BIG, heavy, and I don't use it to it's fullest potential. (Well maybe we running Lotus Notes for work, 8Gb comes in handy!) I'm sure I could get $2000 for it. I'd like to go back to the days of my previous 13 Blackbook or 12 inch Powerbook.... that said...

    I too want a new maxed 13 Macbook Air 2.13 4Gb 256Gb SSD. It retails for $1799 but I've been searching eBay and Craigslist but have yet to find a great deal on one.

    I LOVE buying and selling my mac's. I always try to buy low (on CL) and sell high on eBay. I don't think I've ever lost more that 100-200 on trading machines. Now who wants to sell me a maxed 13 MBA for hmmm.... $1400?:)
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    I sold the same MBP for $1000 cash on craigslist after buying a base 13" MBA.

    Its not a downgrade by any means. The ssd, battery life, and weight savings are well worth the trouble/money.
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    i would think a 4 gig mba would replace a mbp.
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    i just got my new 13" 4 gig from macmall. they DO charge tax. i think it depends what state/city you are in.:(
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    It really isn't a downgrade, thats why i have "downgrading" in quotes. I've gone from BlackBook 13 to MBP15 to MBA13, had all 4 iPhones, have a 24" iMac, and this is by far the greatest Apple device I have ever set my hands on.

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