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Thinness Shot

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Cybergypsy, Feb 9, 2008.

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    That is pretty thin indeed.

    Can we have a fatness shot?
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    If I were a magician....................my next trick would be...........:D

    That looks so cool in that pic
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    compared to a 12" powerbook =)

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    it's lovely, madam.
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    Thats impressive
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    That is just unbelievable! :eek: It is amazing what Apple/technology can do in a few years time.
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    haha yea i'm very amazed how thin and light this thing is

    theres no apple store or antyhing near me so ive only seen pics and such
    but now being able to hold it and everything
    it's just omg it's awesome

    it's truly something you have to touch and feel to really appreciate it i think
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    Post a picture next to a Macbook Pro, its not that impressive...
    The old Powerbooks are thicker than the Macbook Pros

    The Macbook air is as thick as the bottom section of a 15 inch Macbook Pro.
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    Not quite.

    The mbp is 1" all around while the MBA is .76" at the thickest point.
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    vs macbook pro

    still pretty thin... and it's a big dif in weight

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    Take a shot from the top with both notebooks butted up to each other....
    The air seems really thin from the sides but the overall thinness is deceptive since it tapers at the edges.
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    You are forcing it :) I saw an Air upclose and I did notice that the thin part, while quite thin, still sat about as high as the Macbook pro when side by side. Not many show from the rear either.
    This I have come to realize is the entire point of the MBA though: Thin as Air, but when opened you have a full blown laptop to use.
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    The weird thing is after a while of using the MBA you forget the size of your previous laptop... I only noticed how the real difference today when it was side by side with a mbp again..
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    These photos are amazing. I just hope I haven't hyped it to much when it finally arrives!
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    The thing that gets me is how well it built, after owning all revs of the macbook, and the current MBP, I have to say this is amazing,the macbooks were thrown together, I had so many issues, they even sent me a free 17 MBP for my troubles. This thing is Beautiful :)
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    It does look quite thin but just not powerful enough.
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    it was never meant to be a super powered machine

    kinda amazed how powerful it is for it's size thought
    and it does't really feel "slow" but maybe it's casue i'm still oohhhing and aahhing while it loads haha
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    Yeah but just wait till photoshop comes along.
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    Just got back from demo'ing a MBA at Best Buy (although their web site says it's not available in store yet). The dern thing is SUPER THIN but sturdy, very nice. Can't wait for the 8" or 9" version to come out.

    Basically, I can't friggin believe how thin it really is, in person. It's an engineering marvel. Has anyone been mortally wounded by the thin edges yet? In our society, there should defintely be a warning label on the Air.
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    um yeap i have photoshop installed on it
    and it runs fine.. im not editing 20 megapixel images on it or anything

    if i want to use photoshop in all it's greatness i would be using it on my mac pro where i have tons of cpu and memory to take anything

    like i said earlier it was never meant to be a supermachine
    it is not a "pro" machine
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    I know it's not supposed to be super powerful so That's why I HATE it and I won't get one I have to say it's pretty impressive how thin it is just not practical.
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    Eric Lewis

    can you take a picture

    of the back side vs back side of macbook/pro/powerbook?

    the 0.76 side
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    MBA is thin but I really don't notice it much. I guess I'm too distracted by how damn light it is.
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    I'd like to make this request as well.

    I know it sounds thin, but seeing is believing (voir c'est croire!). :eek:

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