Third company could claim the "iPhone" trademark

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 15, 2007.

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    Link: Third company could claim the "iPhone" trademark
    Description:: Since Apple revealed its long-awaited mobile phone which uses the "iPhone" trademark, all the IT-centric web is talking about Cisco's lawsuit against Apple over the use of this trademark, which the networking giant claims to own. But a report MacScoop has obtained pointed us in the direction of another company which appears to be the actual legitimate owner of the highly desired "iPhone" trademark.

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    So could this mean that they both lose it since neither defended their trade mark when the other got it?
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    1. Well first of all the trademark is "Vision I-Phone" not just "I-Phone".
    2. Second, the letter I is capitalised.
    3. And third, there's a hyphen "-" in between "I" and "Phone".

    So if this company pursues a claim to "iPhone", Apple's lawyers will probably have a field day.
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    There's also the Rastafarian version the 'I and I phone'.
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    lord patton

    they should just call it the apple phone (you know, the phone?)
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    I agree completely. I think that iPhone sounds kinda childish anyway, apple phone is good. And it would match apple tv's naming scheme.
  7. Ish
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    I'd been thinking that too.

    By the way, can you remind me how to make that Apple symbol? I used to know but I've forgotten. Couldn't find it on the Character Palette. Thanks.
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    It is option+shift+k
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    LOL :)

    Am I the only one who thinks that using the  symbol next to a product name looks strange and vaguely tacky?
  10. iN8
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    Yes I an' I.
  11. Ish
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    Ahh! Thnk you!
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    ?Phone makes sense, especially releasing the ?TV. Plus, it's a short matter of time before the "i" is old hat.

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    id like em to stick a hard drive in and just call it the iPod. that would solve all my problems. 8 gigs of flash half full with software and other stuff is not gonna make me stop carryin my 60 gig ipod photo:rolleyes:
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    What software? :mad:
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    There are too many 'i'Things. It was alright when it was just, but now everyone is 'on the iBandwagon'.
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    It is running OS X. So you could call it ...

    mc Phone !
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    The whole I - Prefix thing has been apple's thing for a long time now. Seems to me like any company that claims a name like that is either, 1. Trying to give apple a hard time, or 2. Naming one of their products in such a way that people will think it's from apple and therefore will sell better. Neither reason is acceptable business practice IMO.
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    Lord Blackadder

    If anything this weakens Cisco's case, since they now have to fight off two companies instead of one.

    I'm tired of iProducts's so 1998. They should have called it the Apple Phone. Nice and simple.

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